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Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader

This is where you need to get started learning the “code” for the oil market or any of the Futures markets. For all Futures markets follow the same exact “Code 1” as oil does. For instance, you could buy this video course. And then apply what you’ve learned to trading gold, or trading the Emini S&P, or any other futures instrument. Because all of them are controlled by the same exact “code”. This code is what I call “Code 1“.

Code 1 is the fundamental code behind the Futures markets, it’s the way in which all futures move either up or down with. For they can neither move up nor down without using the “Code“.

What this can do for you in your trading

It gives you precision entries that have a high mathematical chance of success. While at the same exact time allowing you to cut your losses quickly to keep your losses small. While allowing for not only more winners but also larger wins than losses.

Mathematically when you do this you naturally make money. How much money can you make? Well that depends on many factors. For instance, when I first released these videos a professional trader of 25 years from Portugal purchased this course. He was using a live account at Interactive Brokers using two contracts per trade. He showed me his entire account out of his excitement for my product. And in his first week, he made $15,000 in his real account, all by using code 1. That means he made 750 pennies in one week.

Now keep in mind something

He is a professional trader for 25 years, a newbie trader would not be able to do the same thing. does take work and practice, and mostly it takes the ability to handle it with respect to your emotions. For instance, if you’ve been beaten up really badly in the past, you will be so “gun shy” that all kinds of bad things will happen. You will be afraid to trade. You will watch and watch and then when you finally get the courage up enough to take a trade, sure enough, it will be a bad trade. Further making you even more “gun shy”.

But when you learn of the “code” within the Futures markets you can take the “code” and make real live trades in a real account and make real money, and people from all over the world are doing exactly that.

People from South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Qatar, Dubai, Europe, Ukraine, Canada, and of course the USA. All across the world people are learning the “code” for the oil market and using it to make big money.

This video course can be seen with a description of each video here:

Oil Academy Video Course

You’ll see that there are beginner videos for the beginner trader to get started with, helping the beginner trader to set up the software and learn the basics of trading and reading charts. And then there are the main videos, which teach exactly what the code is and how to read it every day and then how to take trades using the code to achieve a very high success rate, high enough to make all the money you need.

There is no trading course anywhere in the world that can compare to learning the “code” for the oil market or the entire Futures markets.

If you really apply yourself, and you learn really well and practice it, you can get yourself to the point where you can know which direction Oil is going to go at almost all times, I lie to you not. It takes work, it takes practice, and it takes having a certain knack for this sort of thing, but you can do it if you apply yourself. Some people take to the code like kids to toys, everyone is different, everyone has different skill levels with respect to trading and everyone has different natural skills that may be better than others for this type of venture.

But whoever you are, for whatever reason you are interested in “trading”, make no mistake about it, there is and never can be any comparison whatsoever to using the “code”.

Become better at using the Code

Get ready for precision level entries and when wrong, cut losses short very quickly, becoming a professional at this. Then as you become better at using the code and reading the code every day, the mathematical success rate of your trades will increase, and you’ll start winning 20 penny trades or more over and over again, while every time you’re wrong you can cut the loss to an average of 10 pennies.

Then using you can get yourself to a long-term 70% success rate being fairly liberal in your trades. Or if you like going higher in your contracts and playing the sniper in your trading, taking only the best shot you can take, there is a way to use to determine the best code for the day, and then line that code up with a chart play and you can achieve a 90% success rate using this technique, enabling you to go higher up in contracts and at the same exact time go higher up in mathematical success.

If done properly you can use this one technique alone to become rich

Of course, it’s never as easy as it sounds. You must learn patience and discipline, and you must learn how to enter a trade and then every single time without exception. You must learn how to exit a losing trade quickly, without reservation. Taking a small loss and becoming a master at doing this. This is where most all traders fail. Because the emotion takes over and you don’t want to lose and then you make mistakes. Not just in the entry but also in the exits. Both on the losing side and even on the profit side. Big profits just mean the trader wants even more. And losing profits means the trader won’t exit all the more. And small trades of profit because the trader was scared to hold and just wanted to break even or take a small profit.

The better you do the better you’re able to do

These are all problems associated with “trading”. But when you have the advantage of using “Code 1” in your trading. It can help a lot with these things. Because at all times not only do you have a gigantic advantage over the market. But by the very nature of the code itself, you can easily cut your losses short at all times, taking small losses each time you’re wrong. This will mathematically make a huge difference in the profits in your account. And your own trading with respect to your emotions. Because the better you do the better you’re able to do. Whereas the worse you do the more likely you’ll continue to do worse. This is why it’s critical for the trader to have a winning system. And with using within the Oil market or any Futures markets. You will have the most accurate system you could possibly have. And that is a mathematical fact.

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