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The aim of the Order Flow Alchemy Course is to simplify trading using order flow and to help you truly understand what is happening in the market so you know how to get involved in order flow trades and setups accurately and effectively, repeatedly.

Developing confidence IN & consistency WITH your strategy is the UNLOCK to success in trading.

The Order Flow Alchemy Course covers concepts such as market conviction, recognizing market conditions, liquidity and absorption, and more… as well as developing your own process and edge so you can have success as a trader.

Let me ask you:

Do you feel lost when analyzing the market?
Not understanding what’s causing the price to move?
Not knowing where the price is headed and most importantly why?

By the end of the course, you will know the answers to those questions and so much more. You will have a trading epiphany. You will come away with a much firmer knowledge and understanding of order flow that will put you on a much more solid footing to truly understand what is happening in the market.

What You Will Learn

The Order Flow Alchemy Course is designed for traders who want to take their trading to the next level. The course is perfect for traders who have a solid understanding of the basics of Delta, POC, and Imbalances and are looking to learn how to trade with the order flow.

The Order Flow Alchemy consists of 10 modules:

Module 1: Order Flow

What differentiates order flow from other forms of market analysis is a trader looks at volume at price, not volume over time. This allows a trader to determine the market participants' interests at specific price levels.

Module 2: The Process

The process of learning to trade is a lot like learning to paint. You study and practice the technique of the masters and over time you find your own unique style. Develop a winning trading process.

Module 3: Importance Of Time

Time is an overlooked aspect of trading. Time is often taken for granted. Traders are more focused on what an indicator is showing rather than the time it takes for a market to move or not move.

Module 4: Discerning Liquidity & Absorption

Liquidity is resting orders. Liquidity acts like a magnet. The liquidity that stays firm in the market for a long time is good liquidity. That can become short-term support or resistance. Remember price always seeks the path of least resistance.

Module 5: Conviction In Order Flow - Take Advantage Of Initiative Trading

In analyzing order flow, we are basically trying to determine market confidence and directional conviction. How confident are traders in the direction the market wants to go? Once a market moves outside of value, that is when you want to know the conviction of the market.

Module 6: Order Flow Conditions

A trader needs a method that allows them to look at a chart and tell them what market conditions are. Bullish, bearish, or sideways. How is the market moving? Is the market slow or is it active? When a market is active it is easier to trade because there is movement.

Module 7: Your Chart Your Edge

Finding the right chart type is a very important part of trading. Only you can decide what is the right chart type for you. It is a process of trial and error until you find the right one. But when you find the right chart type for yourself, you will soon find your edge.

Module 8: Trade Setups

I am going to share with you order flow-based trade setups. You can make your own variations around them. I am sharing these with you so you can recognize what the market is doing and how to trade during these conditions.

Module 9: There Is A You In Trading

The only thing you have control over in trading is yourself. What you choose to do or not do. But whatever you do, be consistent. One of the most difficult aspects of trading is knowing when to press the gas pedal or go at the speed limit.

Module 10: The Wrap Up

When it comes to trading, and it is time to put your money in the market, you need to be better than the other traders. You need to have an edge over other traders. How are you finding your edge? It's time to wrap everything up and take the information you learned and become a better trader.

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