Timingsolution – Advanced (Pattern Recognition included)

You are here. I bet that you have had enough experience with different charting tools and methods of Technical Analysis. You have tried Fibonacci levels, pitchforks, fans, elleipses, and other. You have applied different indicators. Moreover, you know what they really worth. That is the reason why you are still looking for a better tool.

When you run software, you see immediately that it is totally different from other programs for technical/financial analysis. The most programs deal with PAST explanation of the price movement and HOPES that the FUTURE price movement repeats the patterns revealed and explained for the past. provides a different approach. It is totally concentrated on the forecast of the FUTURE price movement. does that by modelling market behavior.

You may have seen already some other systems that claim 80% accurate forecast and that do not work when you apply them for real trading. The accuracy of our models is less than usually advertised by some vendors. However, each percent is true, and we stand by it.

Different techniques are used to create models, traditional as well as specially designed by our team. And we provide tools to evaluate and verify forecasts based on these models.

Timing Solution Terra Incognita

Timing Solution team starts a new project, TS Terra Incognita. Under this project, we are still focusing on the same thing, the projection line for the stock market. And under this project, we start developing new forecasting techniques.

Users of software are already familiar with the software and me, so let me be brief explaining why we have started this project

Why Terra Incognita: here we will consider the modules that have no end. The first module of this project is devoted to the construction of mechanical trading systems. I do not think that this module will be finished sometime soon - simply due to the fact that the stock market is constantly changing and we have to run some steps ahead if we would like to get any success.

How TS is organized: TS team does the development and testing of the modules and provides recommendations to the best parameters to use. TS users subscribe to the project, download upgrades and provide a feedback. The participation in this project is not free and it is only for those who have Advanced software.

With TS Terra Incognita, you will be a part of a group that develops new trading techniques and monitors their application to trading..

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