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Check out more about the other Codes: Oil Trading Academy Code 1 and Oil Trading Academy Code 3.

Code 2 is unlike anything else with respect to trading

Code 2 is like having the ultimate “cheat sheet” with respect to trading the Oil market.

Unlike Academy Code 1 Video which goes for very small profits of 20 penny trades. $200 using 1 contract of Oil. goes for much larger trades and hits them! How do 100 and often times 200 penny trades sound? How does 3 per day sound? I ask you, how much money do you want to make? And how hard are you willing to work for it? This is up to you.

When you watch my videos they will make you fall straight out of your chair in disbelief, and you will say to yourself, “well if this is actually true, then I can become rich”.

Trade the Oil market on a larger basis

Code 2 video course will teach you exactly how to trade the Oil market on a larger basis. Allowing you to hit up to 3 big trades per day, making money from the Oil market like you never dreamed was possible in your life.

You can hit these 100-200 penny trades 2-4 times per week, sometimes more. This kind of trading will make your account balloon like you cannot yet imagine.

Is it super easy? No of course not, trading was never super easy and it never will be, but by knowing both Code 1 and then using as your entries going for the big exits you will have an advantage over the Oil market that you cannot yet dream of.

Code 1 and Video Courses

So by all means, purchase Code 1 and Video Courses. They will help you in your trading more than you might imagine right now. Purchase both Code 1 and to get the best deal and also to receive some very valuable bonuses. Where I give you access to my old “premium charting” area where I kept the charts for both codes for two months. Showing you all the codes every day for two months. And within this area every day I did a tips and tricks video. Teaching everything I know on how to use and code 1 together in your trading. I show you how to take it easy and be lazy in your trading, or how to get really aggressive to get everything you can.

And remember, I’m the one who discovered these codes, nobody knows them better than I do, so if you have trouble learning the code for any reason you’ll have me personally here to help you, not somebody hired to do so.

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