Dary Guppy - Trend Volatility (Video 1.42 GB)

Make volatility your friend using these advanced trend volatility methods to manage trade entry and trade exit. Learn how to use the momentum minute to reduce entry risk in derivative trading. Trend volatility delivers better trade management and avoids false exits from profitable trades. The trend volatility line (TVL) is an advanced application of the Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator. It is applied to end-of-day, to intra-day and to scalping. It is used to overcome the limitations of stop loss trade management methods based on price volatility. Every trade moves from Hope, to Confidence, and then to Certainty (HCC method). This presentation shows how the HCC transition points are exactly identified. They are based on a better understanding of trend dynamics and the development of trend breakouts. Once a trade moves into Certainty the management of the trade also changes. The developing trend is best managed with a measure of trend volatility. This presentation explains the construction and application of trend volatility management for entry and exit on long and short trades. It is applied in intra-day trades, and for the transition from intra-day to multi-day trades. The methods also deliver better management of position trades in stocks, derivatives, futures and FX.

This dynamic presentation will teach you how to:

  • Use volatility to assist with better trade entries and trend management
  • Use the momentum minute to reduce entry risk
  • Identify exact price points when a trade moves from Hope, to Confidence and then to Certainty (HCC method)
  • Correctly calculate and apply trend volatility (TVL) stop loss method
  • Know when to shift from trend volatility management to price volatility management to maximise profits
  • Upgrade intra-day trades into multi-day trades
  • Improve scalping trades and upgrade them to intra-day trades

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