Harmonicelliottwave - The Elliott Wave Video Webinar

Harmonic has taken forecasting to new heights through a simple re-organization to R.N.

Elliott's structure, stripping away the confusion of extended waves, failed fifths and the misunderstanding that causes many wayward counts.

In this 12-video webinar lasting almost 6 hours that you can study over a period of one month you can learn:

  • The basic re-organization of Elliott's impulsive wave structure and how the Wave Structure remains constant across all 5-wave moves
  • A review of R.N. Elliott's brilliant observations on corrective wave structures
  • The different ratios applicable to both impulsive and corrective structures, the common projection ratio clusters that are applicable to all time frames and markets
  • How to use the Elliott Wave spreadsheet to match targets of all wave degrees
  • Understand with greater depth the characteristics of each wave, how to estimate where key waves will reach and how to identify them
  • Discover key hints, tips and advice on identifying waves
  • Benefit from Ian's 26 years' experience in technical analysis to avoid many of the common errors and how to read charts and momentum signals that will enhance your understanding of trade filtering as well as price support & resistance
  • See demonstrations of reading wave structure, listen to the logic and thought process involved in navigating the challenges and how to identify when structures are either developing as expected or beginning to break down

This is not just a webinar to teach you about the Elliott Wave structure but to also provide hints, tips and the experience from Ian's 34 years in markets of which he has spent 26 as a technical analyst.

Harmonic offers greater power, logic and understanding of price action 

An attendee for a live webinar commented:

I am a part-time trader, who was struggling to understand how to use processes to identify and manage my trades.  I had great difficulty – the counts “didn’t add up,” – something I couldn’t defend logically, but something I experienced over and over – a frustration with the method.


Then, one night while I was surfing the web, I found Ian Copsey’s  “Harmonic Elliott Wave,” theory, in which he basically said  Elliott got it almost right, but the part that he didn’t’,  the last 10%, will make a huge difference in your ability to forecast and manage your trades.  I downloaded his free spreadsheet, bought his book, and then began to apply his method. Ian was quite patient in explaining his ideas and was more than willing to take my trading challenges and work through them. I achieved favorable results, but wanted to know more so I signed up for his training class.  I found it to be tremendously valuable. Four months after the training – I am making steady profits using his process. 

Charles Fleetham

Michigan -USA

The video webinar is available as a standalone training course or packaged with either:

  • An annual subscription to: The (bi-weekly) U.S. Index Analyst or the (weekly) FX and Metals Analyst or
  • A quarterly subscription to the Daily Forecaster for Forex

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