Dan Sheridan - A Plan To Make $4k Monthly On $20k

Class Format 4K MONTHLY

This class met live twice a week for four weeks.

This class consists of 9, 1 hour long sessions.

A plan to make $4K monthly on $20K ~

Dan Sheridan shares with you a trading plan to generate $4K each month.

In this class, shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages a portfolio to generate $4K each month. He will be Live trading; Butterflies, Iron Condors, Credit Spreads, calendars and Double Diagonals

Detailed Content $4K MONTHLY

Orientation Class: overview and more beginner concepts to best prepare you for this course! 

Class #1 with Dan: Foundation and Single and Double Calendars 

0 min- Johnny shares some crucial class information with students and talking about the class page with the students. 3:15- Dan intro Comments about how he will do the Class Trades 4:30- Class Plan Schedule 5:35- Alternative Strategies you can use beside the 3 main Class Trades 6:41- Frequently asked Key Questions and answers you need to know to be successful! 18:45- How to get to trading the full 20K Portfolio: Capital Deployment Schedule 19:48- Class Plan- Keys to Success 20:40- Exceptions when I wouldn’t put on a trade on the assigned day. 21:35- Q and A Any overlapping on strategies? Are you out of every weekly trade in 1 week? 23:34- Why wouldn’t someone use all their capital for short term trades because of the potentially high returns? Also, story of someone from Dan’s Chicago Seminar who is trading 1 weekly trade, every week, short term butterfly, and is using all his capital in that trade. 25:25- Teaching: RUT 9 Day Calendar Example and Trade Guidelines and Adjustments 42:20- Teaching: Double Calendar in SPX Example and Trade Guidelines and Adjustments 52:20- Comments and Q and A 64:00- Live RUT Calendar Trade 75:10- Live SPX Double Calendar Trade End 87:41 (1 Hour 27 Minutes)  

Class #2 with Dan: and Butterflies 

0- Intro, Comments, Q and A and Today’s Outline 13:30- Live Trade Review: RUT Calendar from previous class 33:00- Live Trade Review: SPX Double Calendar from previous Class 42:00- Live SPX Trade 47:05- Live SPX 15 Day Butterfly Trade 61:00- Teaching: 15 SPX Iron Condor: 5 Wide and Trade Guidelines and Risk Management 75:00- Teaching: SPX 15 Day All Call Butterfly plus Trade Guidelines and Risk Management End 89:03- 1 Hour and 29 minutes.  

Class #3 with Dan: Couch Potato Strategies 

0- Johnny and Dan share class changes and new stuff on Class Page 9:05- Review of Live Class Trades and Adjustments 38:20- Live Trade for today: RUT Single Calendar 50:35- Couch Potato Strategies 52:00- Couch Potato Strategy: RUT Put Credit Spread and Guidelines 1:18:15- Couch Potato Strategy: SPX All Put Flat Fly 10 DTE 1:33:35- Couch Potato Strategy: AAPL Cash Secured Put Alternative End 1 Hr and 45  

Class #4 with Dan: 15 Day Double Diagonals in RUT 

0- Intro and Today’s Outline 2- Price move perspective in SPX 7:45- Whiteboard Teaching on Price Moves and Standard Deviations in SPX last 9 Days 23:05- RUT Double Diagonal (Iron Condor Alternative) and Risk Management Guidelines 39- Live Trade: 15 Day SPX Butterfly 44:45- Live Trade: RUT Live Calendar 53:55- Review Live Class Trade Double Calendar 61:40- Review Live Class Trade Butterfly End 64:32

Class #5 with Dan: Different Durations of Trades: 3 Day Butterfly and Calendar 

0- Intro and Today’s Outline 3:35- Live Trades Recap first 2 Weeks of Class and review of current live trade 48:00- 3 Day Butterfly 57:00- 3 Day Calendar 1:00:00- Live 3 Day Calendar Trade  

Class #6 with Dan: Review of Butterflies 

0 min- Intro and Today’s Outline 2:40- Summary of Live Class Trades since the Class Started 7:05- Review of current Double Diagonal Live Trade 21:45- Q and A 25:40- Butterfly Review from Class 2 and Butterfly Guidelines 34:30- SPX Live Butterfly and execution focus. 43:10- Analysis of Live Butterfly I just executed and how to apply Butterfly Guidelines and Adjustments. 53:10- Review of Class Trade Summary Page and yields on individual trades. 57:40- Q and A 72:58- End  

Class #7 With Dan: with Calendars 

0 min- Follow Class and Today’s Outline 6:25- Class Q and A 20:35- Review Class Trades Document 28:30- Yield Scenarios Document 37:05- Putting on Live Class Trade 49:40- RUT Single Calendar with Long Option Adjustment 1:04:20- SPX Double Calendar with Long Adjustment 1:13:30- End  

Class #8 with Dan: Review 

0- Intro and Today’s Outline 4:35- Upcoming Follow Up Class 6:00- Review of SPX during the entire Class 13:00- Live Trades Recap 24:30- Review Live RUT Calendar with Long Put Adjustment 54:50- Q & A: Do you have to do any Adjustments? 55:38- Looking Ahead: How should you trade after the Class? 1:03:10- Live Butterfly Trade

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