Hawkeye Traders – HawkEye Indicator Pack

Founder of Traders, Nigel Hawkes, began trading in 1986. His only tools? Graph paper, pencil and a calculator.

Nigel is now president of one of the most powerful volume trading software systems available today — Traders.

Born on Isle of Wight, England, Nigel began his career selling magazine ads for The Times and Sunday Times newspapers in London. His tireless ambition eventually led him to be a proprietor of a successful publishing company which he sold for a substantial profit in 1982. Seeking a safe investment, Nigel handed some of the proceeds over to one of the world’s most eminent brokerage firms. He then proceeded to follow his passion for sailing, becoming a director of the 1987 America’s Cup challenge held in Fremantle, Australia. He was shocked, however, to learn that his broker had lost the capital that he had left with him. This unfortunate event made it obvious to Nigel that it was time to manage his own investments. Thus he began his decades-long journey of research, education and the ups and downs of trading which eventually gave him the experience to be successful.

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