AlphaShark – Indicator (TOS Indicator)

CamarillaShark is our unique evolutionary step forward for a 20 year old mean reversion strategy long kept secret by bond traders. After MONTHS of work, we now bring you a true solution to the brazen market insanity of the last three months. The strategy uses adaptive fuzzy logic to determine by 9:40 whether the user should enter a trade long or short. Then, instead of fretting over each tick, owners have the luxury of true fire and forget trading; every day at 3:55 the day’s one and only trade per chosen symbol chosen symbol is to be closed.

Seriously. That’s it.

The bottom line is I (Bryan Klindworth), as a analysis system developer with a degree in economics, feel the only real solution to living in the “Upside Down” is to be as un-involved in the market psychologically as possible. And most importantly the strategy works.

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