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MTI – Day Trading Course


Grow your trading potential with the convenient Day Trading Course!

  • Designed and usedby the FX Chief™ and FX Pathfinder
  • Learn how towork with market movements to buy and sell positions quickly
  • Discover how totrade around your schedule while increasing your pip-capturing potential

Product Overview

MTI’s Day Trading Online Course is ideal for the busy trader who doesn’t want trading to be an all day, every day ordeal. In this course, you could learn the same strategies used by professional traders to enter and exit trades quickly while still capturing pips like never before. If you want to learn how to place more trades in less time, this course is for you.

What Will I Learn

  • How to day trade with the help of MTI’s Day Trading systems
  • Where to get in and where to get out with stops and limits and why
  • How to trade USD currency pairs by utilizing the three strategies developed by the FX Chief™ and FX Pathfinder

What Do I Get

  • Online, on-demand education designed towork with your busy schedule
  • Three integrated systemsspecifically developed for day traders
  • Three trading strategiescomplete with checklists

What Should I Expect After the Class

  • The ability to trade with increased confidence
  • Knowledge to potentiallycapture more pips

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