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Sensor Array Signal Processing

Sensors arrays are used in diverse applications across a broad range of disciplines. Regardless of the application, however, the tools of sensor array signal processing remain the same. Furthermore, whether your interest is in acoustic, seismic, mechanical, or electromagnetic wavefields, they all have a common mathematical framework. Mastering this framework and those tools lays a strong foundation for more specialized study and research.

Sensor Array Signal Processing helps build that foundation. It unravels the underlying principles of the subject without reference to any particular application. Instead, the author focuses on the common threads that exist in wavefield analysis. After introducing the basic equations governing different wavefields, the treatment includes topics from simple beamformation, spatial filtering, and high resolution DOA estimation to imaging and reflector mapping. It studies different types of sensor configurations, but focuses on the uniform linear and circular arrays-the most useful configurations for understanding array systems in practice.

Unique in its approach, depth, and quantitative focus, Sensor Array Signal Processing offers the ideal starting point and an outstanding reference for those working or interested in medical imaging, astronomy, radar, communications, sonar, seismology-any field that studies propagating wavefields. Its clear exposition, numerical examples, exercises, and wide applicability impart a broad picture of array signal processing unmatched by any other text on the market.

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