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Product Description

The "With ALL the Odds" is contained in an easily downloadable, simple eBook which will tell you:

  • Which currency to use
  • Which currencies to correlate the traded currency with
  • Why this currency is so successful
  • Which leading indicators to use
  • Exactly how to do the chart setup of these simple and well-known leading indicators on your charts.
  • How to do your screen layout so that you can see all the trading signals at a glance
  • What the trading signals are for each indicator
  • How to use volume as the most powerful leading indicator in Forex
  • which forex broker to use
  • What type of Forex trading account to use
  • Which currency gives you the best spread for this technique
  • How to place forex trading orders
  • How to cash in (close) your successful deals.
  • How to do 1 click trading that automatically adds a 16 pip stop loss and 5 to 16 pip target.
  • How to manage your lot sizes to capitalize on your success
  • Which time of day to trade the market
  • Which market conditions to avoid
  • How to adapt the to become a daily swing trading system
  • Which charting system to use.
  • Give screenshots of conditions to avoid
  • Give screen shots of trading setups and results.
  • How to start trading the system
  • Where to get support
  • Where to find mentorship for the system
  • Examples of actual live successful Forex trades
  • Examples of nonqualifying trading conditions
  • Advanced ways of trading this system
  • What size Forex account do you need
  • And...much, much, more

Is the for you?

This system works.

It is a very simple once you have demo traded for a week or more. It gives an incredible success rate which with good money management can turn the smallest starting capital (as low as $100) into substantial capital in a relatively short time.

My experience has been that the attitude of the trader is the only variable of whether traders succeed or not. It is all about the level of mental and physical energy you are happy in order to invest to succeed. So if you feel making money this way is not for you – that’s fine. There are many other money-making opportunities out there just waiting to be found and implemented.

But if you are willing to invest some of your mental and physical energy for a week or 2 to develop a life-changing skill, I would strongly suggest that you make this investment of money and energy.

Strategy updates

Since the launch of the eBook, we have incorporated 4 new Forex trading strategies in the eBook. These enhancements are a result of the daily trading of the system and ongoing customer support.

The updates are:

The Dominant currency technique The falling knife technique The freestyle technique The Magic moving Average

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