Bootcamp 1.0

Exactly after 3 years, my 2nd workshop: Bootcamp1.0!

I am a swing trader or investor, whatever you want to call it, and I hold my stocks for a few days to over a few weeks with the sole objective of achieving super normal returns (50%+ in a year) by selling my positions into strength and to avoid sitting on them for months & years. I am constantly looking for that one fast moving bus that can take me to my objective faster than all the other buses. I find them on WEEKENDS away from all the live market action so my system will suit you if you have a busy day job & you wish to manage your funds on your own & beat the best mutual fund manager hands down (No, he will not risk his job & bonus to generate alpha for you!) Also, I do not trade options so do not join me for it. I do a little bit of futures here & there, but my bread & butter is swing trades in cash segment. Why? You will know it all in this boot-camp.

Bootcamp 1.0 Agenda:

A. For people with day jobs

  • My scans
  • How I use my scans to find my next stock.
  • How I do stage & sector analysis to narrow down my list further & then select young trends from it and avoid the traps of late stages.
  • How I then get into them. (Buying strategies)
  • How I position size.
  • How I buy more of them. (Pyramid)
  • How I evaluate post-buying daily behavior of my open positions to decide if I should stay or drop it.
  • How I sell into strength for profit (Most important aspect)
  • How do I everyday ensure to not blow my account? (l have survived 3 lower circuits, demonetization, war & election volatility, and the most recent event COVID-19 crash to name a few)
  • How to handle losing streaks & winning streaks too (Yes, winning streaks need to be watched out too!) 

B. For Active Traders 

  • How I set my scans for this & use all of the above to find 'low risk & extremely' high rewarding scenario set-ups to generate super normal returns much faster. If you are a busy during market hours person, this is NOT for you.


Some market experience is preferred. Scanning software is STRONGLY preferred. Without it is same as a surgeon going into surgery without all his tools. There are many free websites out there, but can they really tell you which stocks were up 50%+ in the lasts say 3 months, how many had volume in millions at least say 5 times in the last 2 months or the best performing stocks of say 2015? I guess not. I use SPIDER. You are free to use the one you like. Technical analysis knowledge — not required.

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