Lesson 1 – A Preview
Lesson 2 – Understanding Currency Pairs

I apologize for sounding a bit slow in this one…I think I was a little sleep deprived at the time I recorded it. This lesson will help you gain a basic understanding of the forex market. (If the sound of my voice doesn’t put you to sleep). Parts 1, 2 and 3 are 6, 6 and 13 minutes respectively.
Lesson 3 – More
Lesson 4 – What Moves Currency Prices?

What moves currency prices? Greed and fear. Economic news. Also, get a brief introduction to the concept of technical trading. More on all of this in future lessons.

Lesson 5 – Open Your Free Demo Trading Account
Lesson 6 – The FOMC Announcement

Learn how a change in the “U.S. federal funds rate” (interest rate) can affect the EUR/USD pair.
Lesson 7 – More Basics

Learn the meaning of long, short, bid price, ask price and spread. Also, how do interest and rollover work?
Lesson 8 – Margin/Leverage/Margin Call

This lesson helps to explain and demystify the terms margin, leverage and margin call. It comes in two parts…7 minutes for the first and 10 minutes for the second.
Lesson 9 – Placing Trades and Orders

Note: This lesson is 42 minutes long! A little longer than normal, make sure you have enough time to work on this lesson before you get started. Also, if you are trying to follow along in your own account, you may not be able to place orders while the market is closed (Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon New York time).
Lesson 10 – A Basic Trading Strategy

This lesson is about 32 minutes long. I recap what is technical vs. fundamental market analysis. Then I provide a basic trading strategy for you try.
Lesson 11 – Shocking News

Terrorist attacks, hurricances, tsunamis. Learn how to plan for catastrophic news and what to do when it happens. (14 minutes).
Lesson 12 – Support, Resistance & Channels
More things you’ll want to know to understand basic technical analysis. (20 minutes).
Lesson 13 – Fibonacci Levels

This lesson covers Fibonacci levels…a very important topic. The three parts are 12, 9 and 15 minutes long when viewed in order.
Lesson 14 – Bollinger Bands

This lesson gives a brief recap of fibonacci levels and then proceeds to introduce a new technical indicator: Bollinger Bands. (20 minutes).
Lesson 15 – MACD Indicator

This lesson introduces a new technical indicator: MACD. (14 minutes).
Lesson 16 – Parabolic SAR

This lesson introduces a new technical indicator: Parabolic SAR. (6 minutes).
Lesson 17 – Advanced Strategy #1

This lesson is about 40 minutes long in total. There are three parts that are about 13 minutes each. This lesson covers one of my most successful strategies. At first you may not see its potential, but it really works. This technique allows you to simplify your trading, calculate risks easily and nearly eliminate emotion from the trading process. Don’t worry if not everything is explained perfectly…this lesson simply introduces the idea. I will cover this strategy in more detail in upcoming lessons and set up live trading sessions so you can follow along.

Lesson 18 – World Events

This lesson gives a close up view of how terrorist events affect currency prices. (12 minutes).
Lesson 19 – More on Advanced Strategy #1

This lesson will give more details on the box option strategy outlined in Lesson 17. You’ll learn how to know exactly when the market is most likely to make a big movement. Once you know that, then all you need to do is place your box options and wait for the market to make its move.
Lesson 20 – Stochastic & RSI

This lesson introduces two new technical indicators: Stochastic and RSI. (13 minutes).
Lesson 21 – Advanced Strategy #2

This lesson is in total about 60 minutes long. The five parts average about 12 minutes long each. This lesson covers another of my most successful strategies. You’ll learn the secret method I use to take advantage of one of the most dependable characteristics of the forex market…the trend.

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