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IF you've always wanted to be a trader and wanted clear trading signals & courses … If you have a strong desire to make the profits investing in the share market…or… If you've always wanted to trade the markets and wanted someone to show you how to get started…

Then, read this special message now from the courageous master trader and author of 40 years experience Larry Williams…


I've spent nearly 40 years trading real money in the markets, and I've discovered what I believe is the ESSENCE of what trading is all about and I have proved that you can learn it from me.

I've discovered a series of simple, yet amazingly effective "keys" that let you crack the money code - and know instantly which direction a market could be headed.

I will take you LIGHT-YEARS beyond previous books, seminars, and training courses with my  INNER CIRCLE course.

This course is the next best thing to me actually coming into your living room and demonstrating the techniques to you.

My INNER CIRCLE course is a specially designed seminar for someone who is serious about trading.

You get to watch me DEMONSTRATE my techniques -  I'll walk you through ALL of the "Secret keys" I use for cracking the money code. This is hours of intense, focused,  personal, in-depth instruction all aimed at one thing: Making you into the best trader you can be!

  • First, I reveal secret techniques that let you know instantly WHICH markets to trade. Best of all, I show you just how simple these secret keys are to use. Most of them you can apply in less than 1 minute. I teach you precisely how I identify "set up" markets so you can know which markets to watch and trade on your own. Plus, I'll tell you everything I've learned about the most popular trading systems. And I'll give you valuable "street advice" that you can't ever learn in a book - only from years of real-money trading.
  • Second, I show you WHEN to trade…and how to take advantage of seasonal swings in key markets. I reveal my entry and exit strategies that let me time my actual buy and sell signals for maximum potential profits once I've identified which markets to trade.
  • Third, I reveal my secrets for HOW you trade. Beginners can make a lot of dumb mistakes, however, I'll tell you in advance what to do so you'll trade more like a pro from a start. I'll show everything I've learned from nearly 40 years of real-money trading about managing your money…using stops and timed exit techniques…and controlling your risk.

You get my comprehensive INNER CIRCLE trading manual.

This comprehensive, manual is a complete guide - it explains and illustrates my BEST trading techniques, methods, strategies, and money management rules.

This guide takes someone with zero knowledge of trading the markets and gets them up to speed FAST.

It teaches you the actual entry and exit techniques you'll need to make the trades yourself - and it gives you detailed information so you'll truly understand how an experienced trader operates.

For example, you'll learn:

  • How to spot a potential trade-in in different markets…
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes made by novice traders…
  • How to manage your money and reduce the risks involved in trading
  • How you can know, in two seconds or less, when the market superpowers may be expecting prices to shift…
  • How to catch a ride on seasonal trends…
  • How to precisely determine the best exit point - before you enter a trade!
  • The right way and the wrong way to read price charts - plus 5 simple indicators that tell you instantly which direction a market could be headed…
  • How to tell in advance which way a "sideways" market may break out…
  • The crucial patterns that let experience traders identify the best potential markets to trade…
  • How to evaluate under- and over-valued markets…
  • And that's just the beginning!

PPS I have included an Agenda and some more information on the   Seminars below:


9 am to 10.30 am SESSION 1

Determining Market Setup Criteria I

  • How you need to Determine Fundamental Under & Over Valuation
  • How to Align yourself with the Major players in your market(s)
  • How you can Identify the End of a Trend - very useful for option players
  • How you can Pick Top and Bottoms with the Right Indicators
  • How to trade against the public/amateurs

10.30-11 am Morning Tea

11.00-12.30pm SESSION 2

Determining Market Setup Criteria II

  • Seasonal trading Strategies & Cycles
  • How to Use Open Interest to your advantage
  • How to Use Spreads and price premiums

Entry Techniques & Rules I

  • How to enter trades with the weight of money in your favorite Markets
  • How to enter trades with the trend
  • How to Filter out False Breakouts & Whipsaws Entry Techniques & Rules II
  • An easy to follow Trend Entry Technique - An Indicator to Track the Professionals - and stay with what they are doing

12.30-1.30 pm Lunch

1.30-3.00 pm SESSION 3

High Probability Short Term Trading Patterns

Many people have told us that these alone quickly pay for the seminar

  • Naked Close days, Fake outs, Stock Specialist traps, OOPS!

Exit Techniques

  • How to determine your stop-loss exit
  • The 3 Bar for Rock and Roll Markets
  • How to set a valid realistic profit target
  • 5 extra Exit techniques

3.00-3.30 pm Afternoon Tea

3.30-5.00pm SESSION 4

Congestion Trading Techniques:

  • How to Use Stochastics Correctly  And it's not how you were taught!
  • Trading with Cycles - the Dominant Cycle in all Markets
  • What you should know about Mondays and Fridays
  • What you should know about Wednesdays
  • Trading using public holidays
  • Price Patterns
  • What Gold and Bonds tell you

5.00 -5.15 Questions and close

What is covered in the seminars?

  • The Crouch price pattern
  • How to tell in two seconds what the market super-powers are doing
  • The 'sure thing' trades with a 20-year record of accuracy
  • How to tell in advance when a 1-2-3 breakout will be good or bad
  • Precisely when to enter a trade and when to get out for a maximum return
  • How to make up your mind when faced with confusing data
  • The crucial facts you must know about Fridays and Mondays
  • Which days are the best days to trade
  • Which days are the days more likely to go up or down
  • Your very own trading system to make money whether or not Larry (or anyone else) is around
  • The ultimate money management formula for taking a small amount of money and changing it into a large amount of money
  • Short-term trading patterns Including Money Tree the OOPS!
  • Three clues you’ll find hidden on any chart that reveals the market’s direction

Plus a special new look at Gann

And more!!

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