THE VWAPVWAP On-Demand and Indicators

What's included?

After signing up you'll receive immediate access to our member portal, where you'll find:

  1. Over 8 hours of video modules
  2. Six custom-coded VWAP indicators

Get instant access to 24 video lessons covering key concepts like:

  • Applying standard deviation bands to characterize chart behavior
  • Identifying and evaluating our four primary intraday trade setups
  • Interpreting the slope of VWAP to discern market health and style
  • Anchoring long-term VWAPs to critical events
  • Prioritizing the best setups and creating a trade plan
  • Controlling your risk and managing ongoing trades

Custom-coded indicators you can’t find anywhere else.

Unlock the full potential of volume-weighted average price with a newfound ability to plot standard deviation bands, track key metrics, anchor VWAPs to any specific point in the past that you wish, and analyze foretelling volume patterns.

Each indicator is discussed in-depth during the course, including comprehensive tutorials on their functionality, features, and best uses.

Click below to view the charting platforms on which the indicators are available.

Course Overview

The video modules are split into five sections — Intraday, Multiday, Trading Mechanics, Trading Psychology, and Bonus.

Section 1: Intraday


  • Why VWAP is effective
  • Standard deviation bands
  • Trending vs consolidation
  • Measuring VWAP intensity
  • Our primary trade setups

Section 2: Multiday


  • Identifying anchor points
  • Date-anchored VWAPs
  • Event-anchored VWAPs
  • Aligning timeframes
  • Swing trading applications

Section 3: Mechanics


  • Evaluating setup quality
  • Entry/exit criteria
  • Dollar risk vs chart risk
  • Building a trade plan
  • Managing winning trades

Section 4: Psychology


  • Cycle of successful trading
  • Results vs process
  • Limiting mental pitfalls
  • Conserving mental capital
  • Patience vs pressing

Section 5: Bonus


  • Analyzing volume patterns
  • Chart layouts + uses
  • Common questions
  • Intraday chart review
  • Multiday chart review

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