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RSI 25 Explosion System

Imagine owning a trading system which, from 1/2/91 to 9/15/05, has been correct on 85.88% of its trades* in the Nasdaq and...

Has made over 2300 Nasdaq points during the past 14 years...

Plus, it has been profitable every year in the SPYs too!

In fact, since 1991 this system would have kept you safe in cash at least 80% of the time, while still capturing:

  • Nearly 100% of the gains in the S&P 500--while being in the market just 12% of the time.
  • All of the Nasdaq's gains--and more--while in the market only 13.89% of the time.

Read on to discover more about the RSI 25 Explosions System...

Dear Trader:

Now, for the first time, you have a chance to learn a completely mechanical system that has been profitable in nearly 8 out every 10 trades for the SPYs since these securities were launched during the 1990s up to 9/15/2005.

If you don't have time to sit in front of the screen all day and if would like to trade a simple-to-use system from the comfort of your home, with no emotions involved, then the 25 Explosions System is your answer.

What Is The 25 Explosions System?

The RSI 25 Explosions System is an easy-to-use trading method that has accurately pinpointed the most opportune times to be buying the SPYs, QQQs, and SMEs over the past decade.

Each day near the close, through a very simple calculation, you'll be able to see when the RSI 25 Explosions System has triggered a buy signal in the market. On the days that a buy signal is triggered, you simply place your order with your broker near the close or on the opening the following morning. Then you hold your position (for an average of a few days to two weeks) and wait for the system to tell you to exit.

There are separate signals for the SPYs, the QQQs, and the SMEs. You have the choice of trading one, two, or all three of these markets with the comfort of knowing that over the past decade the majority of the signals have proven to be correct. Even though there is no guarantee that these results will continue, once you learn the system, you'll see that it does a good job of finding the times when the market has historically rallied over the next 1 to 2 weeks.

Look At These Results:

In 2003 alone, the 25 was in the Nasdaq 100 for just 27 days (weekends included) and netted 225 Nasdaq points.

As you can see below (results are hypothetical, not actual trades, and do not include slippage and commissions) the results of the RSI 25 Explosions System from 01/2/91 to 9/15/05 has been extraordinary. Here is the performance summary for the Nasdaq-100 market (you can trade the QQQs with this)... 

Not Able To Sit In Front Of The Screen All Day?

Many people don't have the time they sit in front of the screen and study the markets all day. Family commitments, job commitments, and important outside interests likely take up the majority of your day. That's what makes the RSI 25 Explosions System so compelling. The beautiful part of the RSI 25 Explosions System is that you do not have to analyze the markets all day. Just wait for the signal to trigger, place your order, and then close your position when the exit signal occurs. Here's an example of a trade based on simulated trading which captured 54 Nasdaq points in six days.

Options Traders Can The 25 Too...

Even though the RSI 25 Explosions System was created for stock traders, it can also be used if you trade options. For example, the average winning trade from 01/2/91 to 12/31/03 on the Nasdaq-100 has been over 37 points. This means that if you trade options on the QQQs, you have the potential to exploit such edges, should these types of returns continue in the future (the 25 can also be used by OEX trader and DIA options traders).

Here Is What You'll Receive

When you order the RSI 25 Explosions System, you will receive the in-depth, simple-to-follow formula and rules of the system and how to apply the system to your trading. You should be able to master this entire process in under 30 minutes. You'll also receive a complete history of all the trades since 1991 for the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq-100 markets, plus the semiconductor market (first traded in 1993). There is also customer support available to you if you have any questions on how exactly to use the system.

Receive The Signals Via Email!

As an added bonus, you can also have the signals sent directly to you via email 15 minutes before the close when they occur. This assures that, no matter how busy you are, that you'll never miss a trade.

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