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Michael Duane Archer has been a commodity futures and FOREX participant for over 40 years. He has acted as a private trader, registered CTA and CPO, branch manager (Heinold of Hawaii) and SEC investment advisor. Archer was one of the first to do serious technical analysis research using a computer  and is recognized as an expert in the fields of artificial intelligence and complexity models applied to trading.

As a CTA in the 1980s using his proprietary Jonathan’s Wave expert system, he managed USD 20 million in the commodity futures arena and compiled a 48% annual return with exceptionally low risk parameters and high Sharpe ratio, as documented in Managed Account Reports. This was the first successful application of AI to trading. It also spawned the term ‘algorithmic trading.’

He has authored and co-authored several books including: Getting Started in Currency Trading (John Wiley & Sons, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012), The FOREX Chartist Companion(John Wiley & Sons 2006),  Trading the Major Pairs (John Wiley & Sons, 2006), Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies (2007) and Fifteen Essential FOREX Trades (John Wiley & Sons, 2009).

He has presented technical papers to numerous academic proceedings, including: theChicago Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (1991), The University of Chemnitz Conference on Machine Learning (1997) and Automata 2008 (UK) . A copy of the Automata 2008 presentation, ‘A Simple Cellular Automata Model for FX Market Forecasting’ is available in the Analytica section of this website.

Goodman Wave Theory, developed by trader extraordinaire Charles B. Goodman has been Archer’s ‘go-to’ discretionary trading method for almost 40 years. ‘Charlie’ taught his methods to Archer and to no one else. A compendium of writings on GWT, The Goodman CODEX, a treatise on his favorite Goodman setup, Trading the Goodman 6 & 6 Setup and the Goodman Simple System Setup are the three books on Goodman Wave Theory and the Goodman Method of Trading currently available from GoodmanWorks. 

The Trading Goodman Video Series will be his final Goodman work.

Archer currently mentors traders on the Goodman Method of Trading and is researching synthetic currencies using the new correlation techniques of T-Sets and Vectoring.

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