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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (20 May 1994)
Language: English

The New Trader You watch the market challenge your position with every tick. But are your chosen technical indicators helping or hindering your performance? Do they cope responsively with the glut of fast–changing electronic data? Are they consistently generating the signals you need to make profitable, real–time life and death decisions? Do they dovetail into a trading system based on objective decision making and prudent risk control? Are your risk control strategies proactive, letting you manage your trades aggressively? If not, turn to The New Trader for a new generation of robust indicators designed to provide a valuable edge in today’s markets. In this leading–edge guide, top analyst Tushar Chande and supertrader show you their latest, most promising methods of price analysis with the classic tactics and strategies of risk control and money management. The result is a personalized, winning trading system that adjusts automatically to market volatility, generates reliable entry and exit signals, shrewdly estimates risk on new and current positions, and promotes superior portfolio selection. Turn to The New Trader to redefine the basic building blocks of a typical trading system: from moving averages, to momentum oscillators; from price patterns to profitability templates. Learn how to transform the components of popular, static technical indicators—relative strength index, momentum, stochastic oscillator, and more—into dynamic price oscillators that are nimbler than their static predecessors. Detailed tutorials and profuse illustrations from real–life commodity, currency, and stock market trading scenarios offer specific rules for testing these oscillators, so you can readily adapt them to your trading style. Discover how to:

Develop price forecasts for the next trading day, and beyond. Master the essentials of regression analysis to quantify trend strength, detect early warning signs of potential trend changes, and promote a more objective, less emotional approach to trading.Switch to dynamic moving averages that adjust their effective length based on market momentum or volatility, so you can set unique stops, develop trading bands for a breakout trading system, and pinpoint resistance or support.Improve identification of candlestick patterns. With Qstick, you can quantify both the internal momentum and shadows, and produce objective numbers to look at rather than a pattern to ponder.Exploit powerful new indicators for risk control. You’ll find the hottest new indicators for: creating price–time templates to close out losers and cash out of fast rising winners, learning how to aggressively manage open trades using the maximum favorable excursion, performing what–if simulations with the projected price range to prepare for any market eventuality, and using volatility–based stops to get you in or take you out. In today’s fiercely competitive futures and financial markets, your success depends on mastering fast–changing market information and using it to make swift, smart, strategic trading and investment decisions. Designed to help you handle the good days, and the bad, The New Trader is the proactive, single source guide for playing the winning percentages and reaping bigger trading profits with minimum risk.

About the Author About the authors TUSHAR S. CHANDE is a scientist, inventor, and, since 1987, an innovative technical analyst and trading system developer. He has a PhD in engineering from the University of Illinois, and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He has published many scientific papers in engineering journals, and holds nine U.S. patents for creative solutions to flexible manufacturing problems using high–power lasers and optical fibers. He is a prolific contributing editor of the trader’s magazine, Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. He is in the process of setting up his own money management company. STANLEY KROLL is one of the most respected individuals in the futures industry and was prominently featured in the bestselling The Money Masters, as one of the nine leading global money managers. A five–year veteran of the Financial World’s commodity column, he is the author of The Professional Commodity Trader and the classic Kroll on Futures Strategy. His most recent book is The Business One Guide to the Futures Markets, written with Michael J. Paulenoff. He is currently with Lippo Futures Ltd. in Hong Kong.

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