Steve Nison – The Active Investor Blueprint

Get The Simple Investing Anyone Can Use Discover how to use candles for longer term charting.

A Detailed Look At Exactly What You Will Learn The Active Candlestick Framework… we will give you all the essentials you need to know about candlesticks so you are up to speed when Steve refers to them in the investment strategy sections How to find longer term trends… and why this is critical to your success Discover how to intelligently combine daily, weekly and monthly charts… the longer-term charts show you the trend, and the short-term charts pinpoint the right times to invest The two simple questions you must ask… to determine how solid support or resistance is to help determine what will happen next

Simple strategies for using trendlines to boost investing confidence

Change of polarity… a great tool to know exactly when to enter an investment on a correction Snap and crack… one of Steve’s favorite buying strategies Falling off the roof… learn this simple strategy to get out of investments before they collapse How to intelligently use ETFs as a smart investment vehicle… even if you are new to them How investing with breakouts helps you enjoy a higher percentage of good investments How to quickly sift through the “buy” lists found in personal finance magazines and popular TV shows such as Jim Cramer or CNBC… so you can know which of their picks to follow or avoid like the plague Discover the “three line break” chart… to know which mutual funds and other investment vehicles have the highest probability long term investment set ups (this is the first time ever this method will be taught for use with mutual funds!) Why Investing on the news could be financially disastrous Options and candlesticks for investing… Topics will include candlesticks for timing of covered calls and short puts (even if new to these option strategies, Steve will bring you up to speed so that you can get full benefit of these strategies) We will give you strategies for stocks… mutual funds… ETFs… bonds… key future markets such as gold and crude oil… and options

Walk away with our valuable 6-Point Investing Checklist – this alone is worth the cost of this training! And much more!

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