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Sacredscience – Edward Johndro – Collected Articles

Hard Cover Maroon Suede Guilt; New; No Dust Jacket; Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Editions. 1930’s Johndro was Science Editor of the National Astrological Journal, from which a number of these articles were taken.


  • The Interesting Horoscopes of Los Angeles &San Francisco.
  • Madame Curie: Horoscope of Radium’s Co-Discoverer whose Recent Passing Grieved The Scientific World.
  • Electrophysics Relates Astrology & Astronomy: Einstein Linked Man With The Stars And Opened The Way To Reunion Of These Essential Twin Sciences.
  • Corporate Horoscope of Santa Barbara, Author Explains Anniversary Earthquake Coincidences of Beautiful Pacific Coast City.
  • Our States & Their Stars, Which Do You Live In? Is It the One Best Adapted to Your Talents?
  • Technocracy Trends &Tomorrow: Cosmic Energy charts Confirm Findings.
  • Star Science Abstracts, a Column of Interest To Our Readers & Students.
  • You & Your Aspects: The Author Defines The Effects of Planetary Light Line Angles in the Horoscope.
  • You & Your Aspects: Electrical Laws Key to Conquest of Oppositions & Squares.
  • You & Your Aspects: Action of Radio Crystal Throws New Light On Squares.
  • You & Your Eclipses. Journal of the National Astrological Association, 1931: Annual Message from Llewellyn George.
  • The Relation of Astrology & Astronomy (long version). Robert DeLuce, More About the US Horoscope.

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