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Dr. Gary – Winning Trader Psychology

It is not a joke to say that confidence and consistency come from within, not from any magic indicator or setup. Of course you need setups and of course you need to be able to read the tools you use. But your greatest tool is your mind When was the last time you put any effort into learning how to use your mind better to develop the high level of consistency you’d like?

What would it be like for you to be trading consistently, day in and day out, week in and week out?  Where would your confidence be if you knew you were on top of your trading game?  How would you feel if you knew you were doing the right things in your trading – minimizing unforced errors, sticking to your plan, practicing sound money management, maintaining composure and poise in your trading, and exercising positive and reliable trading actions?
Well, all of this is very possible.

The Key to Successful Trading

Most traders put their attention only on learning the technical side of the market – chart patterns, indicators, reading the bars and volume, creating systems, and the like.  Certainly, the technical side of the game is very important, so important that there is no trading without it.  But the mental side of the game is just as important.  Lacking certain mental skills, traders will struggle to maximize their trading potential or apply their hard learned technical understanding to the market.  Think about sports.  No professional athlete discounts the mental side of their game.  They know the importance of the mental game and they spend a lot of time developing mental skills.  They know that no matter how talented they are, they can’t reach their goals without possessing a strong mental game.   Traders, too, should not discount the mental side of the trading game.

Our Unique Offer:
Exclusive Training Available Nowhere Else

Dr. Gary’s Winning Trader Psychology course is unique in that it offers what no one else provides: a practical, highly relevant program for developing your mental skills and abilities while at the same time, helping you translate the mental skills directly to your trading. Many traders complain that they have read psychology books and taken a seminar, but never quite understand how to use the material they learned. This is common. There is a disconnection between psychology and trading. Dr. Gary is not only a licensed psychologist, but also a trader. He understands not only the mental side of the game, but, just as importantly, how to translate it specifically for trading so that it becomes an integral part of your trading game.

“The tools Dr. Gary offered includes a Matrix, which is very practical and realistic … right tool at the right time … very easy to understand and apply.
Example: when I am in a trade and I am sweating it out, I become aware that the only thing sweating it out are my thoughts, feelings, sensations and urges … and I can choose to take valued actions (by following the trading plan) or follow my urges/feelings (and go back into the Loop of Suffering). A Choice Point. I now have a true choice in my trading.” Tang from Malaysia

And, this isn’t a one or two hour seminar, but four 1.5 hour sessions giving you an in-depth understanding about what’s crucial mentally for enhancing your trading and developing yourself to become the best trader you can be. In Dr. Gary’s Winning Trader Psychology course, you will learn to understand, develop and apply to your trading:

  • The three main timeframes of the trader – and they aren’t weekly, daily, and intraday.  When you begin to think in these time frames and what to do and not to do in each one, you will have a clear understanding on how to maximize your mental skills for your best trading
  • The eleven key mental skills a trader needs.  These are all that is needed.  They build on one another and give you a complete way of applying your mind productively and profitably in the markets
  • Clarifying what you are all about as a trader.  When we talk about this, you will know why they say, “Trader, know thyself,” and what it means
  • Catalog strengths and limitations and exactly how to deal with them
  • How to develop a straightforward plan for your own self-development as a trader that you will be excited about
  • How to directly and immediately influence your confidence
  • Understanding emotional intensity and how to maintain a constructive level
  • What maintaining your poise and composure is all about during trading, and how to quickly regain it when lost
  • Where self-esteem comes from in trading and how you can increase it
  • How to use the Trader’s Personal Performance Assessment tool to improve yourself in direct, tangible ways that, when applied, can make a difference in your trading
  • The use of a little known, but powerful tool to help you get unstuck and move forward on the road for improvement and self-development.  This very practical tool is so useful that we will spend one entire session on this.

These practical tools can be immediately applied to your trading and improve your bottom line results:

“Dr Gary’s Winning Trader Psychology framework has effectively covered the aspects of psychology before, during and after trading, which I find all to be essential. I am particularly weak in my trade execution and Effective Execution has provided a framework for me to work on my psychology during trading.  I wrote down all the psychological questions on an index card and place it in front of me during my trading hours.  Whenever I find myself in anxiety before or after taking a position, I will use those questions to remind me to focus on the task-at-hand and remain logical in my thinking.  A part of those questions is to examine my breathing which is extremely useful to calm myself.  After a few weeks of practicing, it gets easier to remain focus and poised during trading.  After applying the technique of Effective Execution, I am better in managing my impulsive behavior in my trade execution.  Rather than taking trades randomly without leaning against any structural points, I am able to wait patiently for a trade to happen at important key levels.  Even if price move in the anticipated direction without coming to my entry level, I am able to remain focus and composed, and wait for the next trade at the next key level.  It improves my chances of taking winning trades and avoids taking unnecessary losing trades.  Recently, my average win/loss ratio has improved to 65% versus a less than 50% in the past.”  Ivan from Singapore

Dr. Gary’s Winning Trader Psychology course is composed of 4 individual sessions of 1.5-2 hours each. The recordings of the four sessions are available for purchase and you can review the recordings at your convenience.

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