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This is a story of how the Gann field changed the life of one individual. We first meet our principle character, played by Craig, when he is new and struggling, hungry for knowledge. Through old friends and the aid of people he meets, the help of knowledgeable mentors is obtained, overcoming analysis, frustration and trading problems.

We see our character grow from a confused neophyte through discoveries, systemization and trading. The reader is with him each step of the way. The work is meant as the ultimate troubleshooter in the field. No work will ever live up to the “Tunnel Book” or the information it contains, however, for our age (genre) we believe that Cycle Hunter is a close second.

THE KNOWLEDGE OF CRAIGS MENTORS IS PRICELESS, covering a broad spectrum, from balance to price.

The Cycle Hunter books are set up in the form of a Trilogy with each part building on the one before it. The 3 works are intertwined, skipping one will destroy the plot and over all learning experience. It is crucial for the reader to obtain all 3.

The Cycle Hunter Work is divided into 3 parts:

  1. “The Fezzan” – Contains the Bttlc proposition, data and beginning analysis.
  2. “The Analyst” – Contains the analysis of the data.
  3. “The Trader” – Contains the Systemization and Trading.

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