Hank Pruden – The Three Skills of Top Trading

The Three Skills of Top Behavioral Systems Building, Pattern Recognition, and Mental State Management HANK PRUDEN

This book gives the trader, the investor, and the analyst a true compet- itive advantage in the challenging markets of the twenty-first century. Today, there are powerful agitations in the United States and globally to shift responsibility for investing onto the shoulders of the individual. But, just as responsibility moves away from corporations and the govern- ment, the individual faces conflicting advice as to how to manage financial investments. The efficient market hypothesis is riddled with false assump- tions that lead to wrong results. Equally mistaken are brokers who advise their clients to buy and hold. The real behavior of markets, what the data show in numerous markets over many time frames, is that Market timing matters greatly.

Big gains and losses concentrate into small packages of time. (Benoit B. Mandelbrot) Some of the most successful traders are the ones who got their market timing right. Take, for example, George Soros, who during two months in 1992 profited about $2 billion by betting against the British pound sterling. Although few traders are in the same league as George Soros, most can profit from market moves concentrated in time. This book aims to equip the trader with a balanced set of skills for cap- turing the packages of time that make for big gain opportunities in the mar- ket. It will also help the trader sidestep the timing pitfalls stemming from superficial data analysis and erroneous interpretations of market indicators. To compete successfully the trader must become a Complete Trader. As you can see in the Three-in-One Trader Model (Figure P.1), three mutu- ally reinforcing elements form the Complete Trader. This book will help you develop skill within each of the elements of systems building, pattern recognition, and mental state discipline, giving you solid footing well along the path to becoming a Complete Trader.

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