Wolfe Harmonic Pattern Collection

Harmonic Pattern Collection Lite

I am pleased to announce the only harmonic pattern indicator for Thinkorswim that is fully endorsed by Scott Carney, the president and founder of HarmonicTrader.com. Scott owns all of the trademarks associated with the harmonic patterns and is the hands-down expert in teaching others how to trade the patterns.

If you purchase the HPC Lite package you will receive a free Gold membership for Scott’s Harmonic Trader program where you will learn how to trade the patterns from the expert. The phrase “harmonic trading” and all related pattern names are trademarked by Scott M. Carney and are used with his permission.

This indicator is based on information from his book Harmonic Trading: Volume 1. To learn more about harmonic patterns directly from the author, visit his website — HarmonicTrader.com. Scott offers video training through the free, basic membership on his website.

The harmonic pattern collection lite indicator identifies the following patterns:

pattern">Example of Bearish Bat Pattern

Things to notice in the video:

  • The pattern is automatically labeled
  • Once identified, the ideal pattern completion point is projected via the dashed lines
  • The potential reversal zone (PRZ) is highlighted in purple near the ideal completion point
  • After the price has reached the PRZ, the three, user-configurable, target lines are drawn in purple

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