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Not many Traders will Trade The Stock Market Live with an HD audio and video stream as they Trade. I got nothing to hide. I'm Here to help! Lets Trade Penny Stocks!

My Story

Growing up I was always fascinated by the stock market and my dream was to become a stock broker. I attended Oregon state university with a focus in finance. It wasn’t until 2005 my sophomore year in college that I got involved in the stock market when my aunt received A hot TIP on a biotech company called cytomedix that was supposed to be the next big thing. Who knows, I didn’t , my aunt didn’t…. It was just some family friend of hers and my whole family got hyped about this stock pick for some reason because everyone has the fantasy about how much money you can make if this stock blows up.

Just so happened that my great had recently just passed and my family/relatives inherited a ½ million $$ . So of course everyone was hyped up about this stock and put the majority of that money allllll into this one stock. I also got pumped up about it and decided that I was finally going to start learning how to trade stocks So I sacrificed driving a BMW M3 and sold it so I could have money to learn how to trade stocks and begin my journey with $10,000.

I ended up buying this stock, Even my girlfriend at the time bought some too cuz it was a “sure thing” but none of us had a clue what we were doing. Around this same time I became a member of a website which is a similar service to what I do today and began learning more about how to trade stocks and basically built the foundation of what I do today but has evolved greatly over the last decade.

Going forward everyone bought this biotech stock around $4 share and it rose to $6 about a month or 2 later. Everyone is pumped up and thinking this stock is going to $20+. But I was bored, I wanted to learn how to trade stocks, not sit and watch 1. So I sold the stock and didn’t tell anyone in my family I did nor my girlfriend.

I woke up a few weeks later to see this trading trading @ 50 cents when the previous day it was around $7/share! Turns out they had a bad PR issued early that morning about how whatever drug they were working on wasn’t actually working. Pretty much that ½ million inheritance was wiped out in a day. Hello! Welcome to the stock market hahah. I thankfully sold just weeks before. But I still didn’t know what the hell I was doing and wasn’t long before I lost it all anyways trading highly risky penny stocks.

After about a year of continuing to learn every day I was becoming more and more confident I had a knack for picking stocks and became a very popular member @ I decided I would start my own website in 2006 with the goal of creating a paid service some day and make a career out of this.

Going down this road I began to create and master a strategy that worked. If you implemented it correctly. My only problem in the beginning was that I had a tough time not following my own strategy. I was making highly risky trades trying to hit that homerun. And it took me 3 years of screwing around and realizing what not to do before I ever started making money trading. I blew up my account twice. Lost my initial $10,000 . Saved up $5,000, lost all that, Saved up $5,000 again and finally began to actually stick the the strategy I knew would work if I could just stick to the game plan. I knew this was what I wanted to do, I was fascinated and addicted to it, I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel and I refused to give up.

I ran for 2.5 years for free and I built a highly respectable reputation as one of the best stock pickers in the small cap and penny stocks area. It was either graduate college and try to work for a financial firm or stray away from the population norm and start my own business. So I took that leap of faith and believed in myself and announced to my following that im going to start charging for my website membership, At this point I was barely attending my college classes and all my time was going into this website and trading stocks anyways. First month of charging people I made $30,000 with people who believed in what I had to offer and agreed to pay for my stock picks, I was in shock like wow… this is real, I was slightly unsure of myself if people would actually pay for what I had to offer, I was a young 23 year old but after seeing how many people in my following signed up I knew I had a unique talent.

Fast forwarding 4-5 months later we witnessed the biggest financial melt down in history. The largest finance firms in the world were crumbling and so were any sort of business you could think of and this was scary. I thought my business was going to fail. And it nearly did, but I still refused to give up. And there was about 4-5 months where things looked to be in ruin but the market finally bottomed and On my 3rd round of starting with $5,000 I quickly turned that into $100,000 in about 9 months. The financial melt down was scary. I wasn’t prepared for anything like that. But im glad it happened. Because now I am fully prepared and confident It will not affect me like it did last time if and when we go thru something like that again. It forced me to adapt.

Fast forwarding I began using a website that tracks and verifies all of your trades and have made $620,000 to date from 2011 trading my strategy literally just a few hours/day. I rebranded under the name at the same time and have built a full-fledged educational website offering full training courses known as the FOUS4 as well as offering real time hands on trading with FOUStv every day.

I have had 1000’s of students worldwide and created many successful students who have used the FOUS4 strategy to make thousands of dollars from college students, people working full time, to retirees. Im regarded as one of the best @ what I do after doing this for the past decade. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, pretty much every mistake in the book. My goal now is to teach people how I finally became successful as a trader and help them avoid going thru all the hurdles I faced in the beginning and fast track them to success.

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