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"A wealth of trading industry experience emerges in this work. Noble DraKoln covers the essential areas of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and trading psychology with insight, originality, and refreshing candor. Furthermore, the material is skillfully presented with a view to practical application in the markets. This book will complement every trader's library from beginner to advanced."

"Winning the Game by Noble DraKoln encapsulates years of successful trading experience by mixing heartfelt anecdotes with real-world strategies in a literary work guaranteed to provide a deeper understanding for those looking to raise their trading acumen. DraKoln's book gives traders perspective on everything from what key technical indicators to use to more qualitative aspects, including how to develop a winning mindset. This duality of instruction brings value to readers of every trading pedigree."
—John Netto, President, One Shot-One Kill Trading, LLC.

"Reading Winning the Game is as exciting as attending the lectures given by the author. The name Noble DraKoln is synonymous with that of a remarkable teacher who gives step-by-step direction for both beginner and professional traders. In Winning the Game, Noble DraKoln shares his impressive views on futures and trading with the same wit and style he uses to dazzle the audience during his speeches."
—André Malpel, a trader on futures and technical analysis expert, LIST, Inc., Managing Director, and founder, IAT, Inc., Analysis Expo & Trading Show.

"Wow! Noble DraKoln has done it again. I would encourage all traders to invest in this book. Noble's wealth of knowledge and years of trading will benefit traders of any experience."

From the Back Cover

When it comes to investing, instruments such as stocks and bonds have had a difficult time beating inflation, much less producing the above-average returns that we are all searching for. In many instances, this situation has led both professional and individual investors to the futures and markets.

While there are significant opportunities available in these markets, those that are unprepared tend to make unnecessary as well as costly mistakes in their trading endeavors. And with recent industry statistics revealing that between 90% and 95% of traders who speculate in futures and lose their entire investment within six months to a year, you can't afford to enter these markets without a proven game plan.

Nobody understands this better than author and investment expert Noble DraKoln, and with Winning the Game, he'll help you develop and refine the mental discipline and practical skills needed to ensure success in the three essential areas of trading: money management, technical analysis, and risk control. Divided into three comprehensive parts, this reliable resource:

  • Part I: More Life at the End of Your Money puts a magnifying glass to major market trends, what it takes to be a successful trader and the basics of futures and trading
  • Part II: Why 95% of Investors Fail at and takes a critical look at why everyday stock strategies simply don't work, provides you with the tools to properly select and monitor trades, and discusses what it takes to overcome the destructive elements of fear and greed
  • Part III: Seven Lessons for Success pulls everything together and outlines the important lessons you need to learn in order to excel within the futures and markets

Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, Winning the Game will help you use technical analysis to identify profitable trades and exit losing trades; maximize the leverage available in futures and Forex, without endangering your capital base; and control risk by utilizing appropriate strategies for each type of opportunity and time frame.

With an organized approach to trading, you can be part of the 5% who consistently succeed. Let Winning the Game show you how.


Noble DraKoln is President of Liverpool Group Inc., a futures and brokerage firm, where he focuses on the development, management, and promotion of the company's core philosophy of "focusing on the trader, not the trading." Prior to this role, DraKoln served as a broker in the retail division of Royal Inc. and as a professional sugar trader. He speaks regularly at industry conferences in the United States and Europe and has written articles for numerous financial publications. DraKoln is also an NFA Arbitrator and commodities Series 3 licensed.
Noble DraKoln (Long Beach, CA, USA) ist Präsident der Liverpool Derivatives Group Inc.

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