Heavy Duty - HIT

This title presents the advanced techniques, most productive workouts, and life-transforming personal philosophies of legend Mike Mentzer. Whatever your level of fitness, you can kick your muscles - and your mind - into high gear with the radical training philosophies and advanced techniques of Mike Mentzer, the first bodybuilder to ever garner a perfect score in the Mr. Universe competition. The thinking man's bodybuilder, Mike revolutionized the art of training with his Heavy Duty[trademark] system, proving that less is more when it comes to making great gains. But Mike's most advanced ideas have never been revealed - until now.Direct from Mentzer's inner circle - friend and colleague John Little along with Joanne Sharkey, the CEO of Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc. The Wisdom of gives you an insider's look at his most intense, in-depth lessons. Inside these pages you will learn all the fundamentals of: hunger - the code of integrity for displaying a heroic physique; philosophy and character building - why you need never again fear your competition; the science of productive exercise - Mentzer's fail-safe principles for building maximum size and strength; consolidation training - a lightning-quick workout that works like magic for producing phenomenal muscle growth; and, advanced heavy duty[trademark] techniques, such as omni-contraction training, infitonic training, and rest-pause training. The Wisdom of provides readers with a unique insight into the world of - the man, the philosopher, and the legend.

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