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Tom Busby and utilize over 25 years of trading wisdom in teaching traders to win consistently in the markets.

Founded in 1996 by veteran trader Tom Busby, a professional securities trader and broker since the late '70s, and author of Winning the Day Game and The Never Sleep, teaches both beginner and advanced traders to operate in the global futures and equities markets, through on-site and online training classes, a live internet daily trading class, our chatroom, free live seminars, and continuous technical & customer service support from the entire staff. In addition to comprehensively teaching technical and fundamental components, a key element of our training is to focus on and help you to manage the psychological and emotional factors intrinsic to trading.

The common preconception of a Day Trader is someone tied to their computer monitor day in and day out, frantically trying to outguess the markets. has a different philosophy about Day Trading, one formed through the decades of trading experience of its founder. realized that the most effective way to Day Trade was to gain as much knowledge of the markets as possible and time the execution of his trades to take place at key moments of the day. Rather than trading 90% of the time and studying 10%, started studying the global markets more and trading less -- but more accurately and successfully. It's a philosophy shared by all of our key traders and trainers.

The greatest testament to the success of our teaching methodology is that our graduates continue to trade long after they have completed their training. In fact, our statistics for persistence are almost exactly the opposite of our industry: The great majority of our students will still be trading a year from their initial training.

Michael Radkay, President: After receiving a BA in and enjoying 4 years of Forester Football as a Strong Safety and Punt Returner from Lake Forest College in May 1989, Mike has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to the and industry. Mike felt this was a great way to transition his competitive spirit to the workplace. He started as a runner in the 30Yr Bond pit at the Chicago Board of Trade and worked his way up to becoming a broker for a top brokerage firm. In 1997 Mike became a self-funded, self-employed trader. After trading hours from 1993 to 2004, Mike also taught people how to pit trade at the University of Trading. In 2004 he transitioned from the trading pit to the computer screen and rebuilt the entire program at the University of to cater to the screen trader. 2007 Mike moved to Los Angeles to start his own trading education company, RDS Trader LLC. In early 2010 Mike and his wife, Stephanie, decided to join forces with and head up their new FX division. Mike offers his experience and skills as a Futures/Forex trader, broker, mentor, and CBOT member to his clients. Mike developed a proprietary method taught to his students, which is known as the Rotating Directional System (RDS). This method has helped him achieve success specifically as a trader and generally in all aspects of investing.

Stephanie Radkay, Vice President: After receiving a BA in at Indiana University in 1990, Stephanie joined the "rough" pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a clerk for a major International and firm. In 1993 she began her broker career as the only woman in the Major Market Index pit. At the same time, she also joined her husband, Mike, after trading hours at the University of to teach eager learners to pit trade. By 1995 she was awarded the task to fill orders in the S&P500 pit. At the time this pit community had 600 men and five women. In 1998, Stephanie left the S&P500 pit and followed the "Tech Boom" to fill orders in the NASDAQ100 pit. By 2000 Stephanie decided to take a break from trading and in 2008 she returned to her love for the trade and to help build RDS Trader, the screen trading education company Mike was building. In early 2010 Stephanie and Mike joined forces with to head up their new FX division. Stephanie is known as "TIGR" to her fellow traders and brokers at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and "Eats Stress for Breakfast" according to the Chicago Tribune feature article (09/14/97). She brings her experience and knowledge of trading, teaching, and managing stress to the clients of DTI.

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