Udemy – SigmaWay's Advanced Excel Course

By & & Jatin Nagpal

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application where we can do graphs, charts, and many other important day-to-day functions.

But, there are many things in that we do not explore.

SigmaWay is here to help you explore the full potential of Microsoft Excel, by teaching you Advanced Excel. Learning the skills of advanced can make you stand out in a big crowd.

If you are an employee, researcher, student, or entrepreneur, learning these advanced skills will make you a valuable resource in your team. Thinking on these terms, SigmaWay created its Advanced Excel Training, to help everyone unlock the full potential of this common tool and stand out in the crowd.

With Sigmaway's Advanced Excel Training, you will be able to master Core Concepts that will help you solve business problems and help you learn to manage data more efficiently.

The topics covered include.

  • Advanced Functions and Formulas Like
  • This course is taught through an Industry Case Example, curated to teach students how to
  • And More...
  • Set Up Auto-Updating Features using Macros
  • Visualize Data
  • Application of techniques to find insights from data
  • Understand how data is manipulated and Cleaned
  • Analyze business problems
  • Excel Macros
  • Excel VBA
  • INDEX and MATCH functions

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