Steve Copan - The (Complete 3 CDs Course)

The is an all-in-one training course on 3 CD's with more than 6 hours of video footage explaining and showing in-depth all the concepts that uses to trade the markets. The beauty of the course being on CD is that you can watch them over and over again and learn at your own pace unlike attending a training day and forgetting what you learned.

The course contains 3 CDs.

The first CD takes you through the groundwork and the main foundations of what the Matrix is built upon. This first CD is also available separately as a course on its own as the Official Delta Training Course. The CD takes you intricately through every step on how to solve the future direction of any market from a few days to multiple years in advance. The CD explains and shows you how to solve and apply the Delta timeframes and explains new timeframes previously not known, as well as new rules to make Delta even more precise. Everything you ever needed to know about Delta is explained and shown. This is an invaluable course for anyone who has purchased the Delta book, including existing Delta members and directors.

CD 2 builds upon Delta showing you how to use the Elliott wave in a simple format and how to use it correctly. One of the biggest challenges with Elliott waves is to understand where the market is in the wave pattern at any given point. This problem is solved with the by showing you exactly how to use Elliott waves and implement them into Delta. Then CD 2 goes into Fibonacci again as it relates to both Elliott wave and Delta, showing you different Fibonacci sequences and special numbers to give you some amazingly profitable trades. These are all combined to produce time and price squares giving you precise entry and exit time and price levels into the future. All of this is shown on real charts and everything is explained, piece-by-piece before your eyes, for you be able to view time and time again.

CD 3 takes everything from CD1 and CD2 combining it demonstrate simple methods of predicting price levels and dates to the exact price and day of turn, as well as showing you how to easily pick month tops and bottoms. One of the greatest features of this CD is the last chapter which is over one hour long and takes you step-by-step through applying the Matrix to a chart of the S&P 500 index over a whole year, showing you how to predict future dates, and then revealing what actually happened to assess accuracy.

The is beyond a doubt the most complete and accurate training course on the market today, giving any trader a huge advantage over any other form of analysis.

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