Mike McMahon - Professional Series DVD Set (Days 4-7)

Online Academy is delighted to announce that the second part of the famous on-location 7 day Professional Series on DVD is now being released. Section 1 of the Professional Series is 16 DVDs containing 24 hours of pro trader education. This second, continuation of the course is approximately 28 hours over the last 4 days in 16 DVD's.

Online Academy's lead instructor allowed the class to be videoed - it has been edited and rendered onto DVD. Now you can have the Online Academy Pro Series in the comfort of your home. This is an actual live class - you get everything but the "live" trading. This section covers the last 4 days of the 7 day experience. You will learn what trading is truly all about - the philosophy, the psychology, the players, the tricks. You will see how we assess the trading environment, select our stock and our target.

You will learn the secrets of - far beyond the "rules and regulations". We go deeply day after day in the world of Technical analysis, Technical Indication, Fibonacci's Retracement, Projection and Confluence.

We cover Market Sentiment reading, complete S&R trade plan set-ups for both Long and Short Plays, set Stop loss, use trailing stops, Find out about the 8 Key Times of the day, unmask the Hammers and Axes in a Stock and start to interpret Level II ... and this is only Day One. In the next 3 days, we will start on your layered educational journey into Level II interpretation, technical analysis, how to create your style and an edge from a combo of scalping, momentum, swing and position trading strategies.

We will show you how to choose a broker, what pitfalls to look for, what kind of equipment you need to set up and trade Direct Access to the markets ... and so much more.

Day 1

  • Live Trading
    • The Trade Plan Set-Up
  • Secrets of Short Selling
  • Key Times of the Trade Day
  • Trend Line trading with Support & resistance
  • Using Level II Screen & Hammer Identification
  • Conditional Orders
    • Stops, Trails- Smart Routing

Day 2

  • Technical Indicators - MACD, RSI, Linear Regression
  • Stochastics - Bollinger - Parabolic SAR - Volume Plus
  • Live Trading
  • Analysis of Entry and Exit Prices
  • Continuation Patterns
    • Triangles
    • Flags
    • Pennants
  • Web Mining - Stock Research - News - Market Sentiment
  • Developing a Plan
  • Risk Management with Level II
  • Learning Your Platform
    • Preprogrammed Orders

Day 3

  • Pre/Post market Analysis - Extended Hours
  • Fibonacci in Depth
  • Elliott Wave Theory
  • Planning a Trade, a Plan - Accountability
  • Live Trading
  • Fundamental & - The Blend
  • The Business Plan
  • Stock Analysis
    • Technical Analysis
    • Candlestick Chart Patterns
    • Chart Patterns

Day 4

  • Trading as a Business - Legal Entities & Taxation
  • Selecting the Best B/D - Commissions & Fees Structures
  • Use of Margin
  • Live Trading
  • Playing the Hard Right Edge
  • Putting It All together - Mind - Market - Method
  • Graduation

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