Larry Levin – Consistent Recorded Classroom by Advantage

Trading Advantages is a leading trading education firm specializing in empowering traders to achieve and surpass their financial goals.

Larry Levin established Advantage™ to fulfill his lifelong vision to attempt to teach the world to trade and to supply them with the tools to do it successfully.

We believe our members are an elite group of individuals with a powerful and unwavering motivation to achieve the ultimate success: complete financial freedom.

At Advantage we have done something all traders dream about, but very few have accomplished; built and maintained a functional blueprint for our financial success.

The story of Advantage began as a vision, grew from an opportunity, and has been applied as an advantage for aspiring traders worldwide who want to learn the secrets to becoming successful.

Trading Advantage offers custom Training Programs designed by Levin to challenge the current trading capabilities and expand on the trading knowledge of serious traders and investors worldwide.

Trading Advantage headquarters are located at the Chicago Board of Trade Building in the heart of downtown Chicago.


  • Bailout Good or Bad
  • CTC Lesson #1  Introduction
  • CTC Lesson #2  Routine
  • CTC Lesson #3, Part A  The Value Area and the 80% Rule
  • CTC Lesson #3, Part B  The Value Area and the 80% Rule
  • CTC Lesson #3, Part C  The Value Area and the 80% Rule
  • CTC Lesson #4  SOT Trade Simulator
  • CTC Lesson #5 Trade
  • CTC Lesson #6  Engulfments Jumping the Engulfments
  • CTC Lesson #7  One-Time Framing
  • CTC Lesson #8  The Big Mistake about Support and Resistance
  • CTC Lesson #9  The Cover and Run Strategy
  • CTC Lesson #10 Larry VTR Lesson
  • CTC Lesson #11  A Day in the Life of VTR
  • CTC Lesson #12  Being Selective
  • CTC Lesson #13, Part A Visualization Techniques
  • CTC Lesson #13, Part B  Gov’t Reports
  • CTC Lesson #14  Market Delta
  • CTC Lesson #15  mistakes
  • CTC Lesson #16  Goal Setting
  • CTC Lesson #17  Review
  • CTC Lesson #18  Graduation

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