VSTOPS ProTrader Strategy (Nov 2013)

Build VSTOPS ProTrader is not a black-box system, but a template that you have control over for creating your own robust short-term trading strategies. Using an array of user-definable strategy inputs, you can specify settings such as trade size, profit target(s), stop loss amounts, breakeven amount, custom exit options, time filters, and end-of-day close. You also have control over the settings of the VSTOPS 2.0 indicator that is behind the strategy, and you can specify how it responds to price by adjusting the Period and Standard Deviation inputs. 

Tighter settings are beneficial in range-bound markets, and wider settings will give the trade more room to grow. All of this can be done with absolutely no programming using the VSTOPS ProTrader strategy template! Trade VSTOPS ProTrader can be used in both simulated and live trading environments, and can be fully automated to allow your computer to execute and monitor trades, improving your trading performance. 

Strategy automation is advantageous because it can help you minimize emotions, preserve discipline (plan the trade and trade the plan), achieve consistency, and improve order entry speed and accuracy. VSTOPS ProTrader can be enabled for strategy automation simply by clicking a check-box: no programming is required.

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