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Alan Rich - Trading The Nasdaq Seminar

Discover the secrets and methods this man uses to trade the Nasdaq for a living that you can too...

Alan Rich, is a full time NASDAQ trader who has learned the tricks, techniques and methods to make a good living from the markets.

Alan is one of the leading traders & trainers on the Nasdaq, and he demonstrates demonstrates using level 2 with Technical Analysis setups that occur again and again.

Technical Analysis of charts plus level 2 gives you an unstoppable combination of trading tools and you can learn how to use them here.

Using Alan's trading techniques and you can make a good living trading the NASDAQ for just 2-3 hours during the afternoon in the US!

Trading  the NASDAQ Seminar - 1 Mulitmedia CD

Alan Rich is a full time Daytrader who makes his living taking frequent profits from the NASDAQ stock market, which can be traded from anywhere in the world, with a suitable Internet connection and trading account.

FAST and FURIOUS is the only way to describe this method of trading. In this seminar, which you can watch in the comfort of your own home or office, Alan starts by explaining his journey to track down the 'best in the business' - a trader who makes millions of dollars each year.   Alan tells us about the lessons and techniques he learned from this trader and how anyone can use the tools of the Daytrader to help place better longer-term trades as a well as trading intra-day.

He covers level II trading data and the relevant screens in detail, pointing out what each section means. He shows visually how you can tell major support and resistance levels in advance, so you know which way a stock is going to move,

BEFORE it ever appears on a graph. He reveals how you can buy shares without paying a bid-ask spread, how you can tell whether a 'breakout' is true or faked and how you can determine a market-makers strategy and place your trades accordingly.

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