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What is 100K Factory Revolution?

100K Factory Revolution is software that makes creating eCommerce websites easy. It includes training and tools that allow you to build a full eCommerce website within an hour.

If you've heard of Shopify, then you likely are aware of what an eCommerce site is. This particular software with training, claims to help you to make over $100,000 a year by creating these eCommerce sites in various niches.

A bold claim, I know, but the evidence I've seen from the results of versions 1 and 2 of 100K Factory seem to back up that claim.

Who is 100K Factory Revolution Made for?

If you're in the field of building eCommerce sites to make money online then 100K Factory Revolution is right up your alley.

If you've used version 1 or 2 of the product then you already know it's pretty good at what it does. It's not for those wanting to make a quick buck because there is inevitably going to be a learning curve that you need go with.

However, if this is the business model that suits you, I think you're going to love it. If you're not a fan of making eCommerce sites there are many other options and business models you could try, such as affiliate marketing, which is selling other people's products through your website for a commission.

What Tools Do You Get with 100K Factory Revolution?

  • Website Factory: A website builder that uses a custom WordPress theme. This allows you to add your own content using just one dashboard.
  • Content Repository: This massive repository is chock a block full of content that you can choose from then add to any of your sites.
  • Conversion Optimization Engine: A point and click tool which gives Opt-in forms for email marketing with all the most popular email autoresponders like Aweber and Getresponse. There are also a split testing control tool and exit-intent popups, too. All of these can be completely customized to your personal preferences.

When you have everything set up you can find out how well your targeted traffic converts to earnings. Then you can tweak things up to improve profitability.

What Training is Included with 100K Factory Revolution?

As well as a plethora of training on how to build and optimize your websites for maximum conversions, 100K Factory Revolution teaches you how to get traffic from...​

  • Paid Facebook ads (They work well if you do them right!)
  • A Viral content sharing tool/training
  • An in-house traffic generator tool
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines through SEO

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