TheDayTradingRoom Trader Program (Full 4 hours)

Trader Program

Take Your Trading To The Next Level With This 4 Hour Video Course

Are you looking to become an order flow scalper?

Do you want to significantly improve your trade entries and exit timing?

Would you like to learn how to spot and use institutional algorithms to your advantage?

In this four hour video program I’ll show you………


  • How to identify real key players on the Market Depth
  • Setting up your trading screens for maximum tape reading efficiency
  • Exactly where to focus your eyes for optimum pattern recognition
  • Learn how to spot the supply & demand imbalance shift (market turning points)
  • Decipher clues on the Time & Sales window
  • Pick out profitable tape patterns
  • How to interpret large trader price response
  • Generate high probability low risk scalp trades

The program is crammed with LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE of real market action as it happened. Tape pattern recordings are paused, re-winded and commented on at every stage as the price action unfolds. Be 100% clear on what happened in those few seconds of tape action

This Is The Fast Track Method of Learning To Read The Tape

Many markets covered- S&P 500 E-mini, DOW, DAX, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, etc

Successful tape reading is the ability to read both the order flow coming through the market and the resting orders waiting to be filled. Understanding the relationship between the two and recognizing how large players try to disguise their tracks is a key foundation to reading tape.

Market Depth (DOM)   

  • See through the games played on the order book
  • Focus on what IS important – get rid of the noise
  • Spot the tell tale signs of aggressive market moving order flow

Time and Sales   

  • How to avoid falling into the common time and sales window trap
  • Why using just the Time and Sales to tape read DOESN’T WORK
  • What you SHOULD be watching to get the real order flow picture

Advanced Tape Strategies and Algorithm Spotting      

  • Iceberg Hunting – Institutions try to disguise their MARKET MOVING orders with these
  • I discuss in detail how to spot these orders BEFORE they complete and most importantly how to profit from them
  • I’ll also explain in detail how human behavior affects the tape and how you can predict the next potential move
  • I discuss which trading algorithms are being used right now in the markets by the big market moving players
  • The logic behind them, the advantages, disadvantages, their vulnerabilities and importantly how to spot them
  • See a recording of me spotting and identifying a lazy algo – Watch how he moves his order with mine

The program is designed to take you from beginner to a confident tape reader within 4 hours. After completing the videos you’ll have the strategies and skills to go and read tape in a professional and skilled manner.

Dozens of traders who have taken the course tell me they are amazed at how powerful tape reading can be, and wish they’d devoted time to learning it sooner.

It may be a technique that is decades old but reading order flow, price action and tape remains one of the best trading strategies to date.

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