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Lee Gettess

a veteran of more than 10 years of trading “in the trenches,” has written an amazing book that shows how you – or anyone – can aim to make a ton of money trading from home.

Insider’s Tip Sheet

As soon as the market closes, Lee does his analysis for the next day’s Insider’s Tip Sheet and he places his recommendations on the Member’s Section of the website.


Growing up in inner-city Detroit, Lee started his career at the very bottom-mopping floors at General Motors.  Although being a janitor is honest work, and certainly no disgrace, Lee had a much grander lifestyle in mind.

Believing that more people achieve greater riches in a shorter period of time trading than in any other business in the entire world, he spent every spare minute he had studying the markets.  By 1987 his profits provided a sufficient stake for him to quit his job and trade for a living…The rest is history.

1988 – Developed the renowned VOLPAT trading system; included in the independent Futures rankings of the world’s top trading systems.

1993 – Sold his VOLPAT trading system for over $675,000 to a limited group of professional traders, including two big public funds and one of the ten largest banks in North America.

1994 – Made public his Market Mapping technique, which improved the performance of every trading system tested by 4x or more!  As Larry Williams says, “the best I’ve seen for minimizing losses.”

1996 – Accepted 23 professional trading students, sharing strategies and specific trades that returned 100% profit in the course of a year.  Guatum P. sums up the gratitude of those Lee mentored this way”  “Lee taught me how your mind must work in order to be a profitable trader.  Last year was my best year thanks to Lee.”

1997 – Launched Insider’s Tips Sheet whereby he faxes his daily market analysis and specific trades to a small circle of traders and trading professionals.  Many subscribers, some of whom you’ll read about today, have the fax sent directly to their brokers so the brokers can follow along as they give their orders.  As Erik says,“save yourself a lot of pain by just following Lee.”

2003 – Takes a quantum leap forward in the world of real-time trading and introduces The VIP Insider’s website.  Now, with the Pro’s Pro “whispering in your ear”, you can seek the enormous daytrading profits you yearn for.  Picture how impressed your family and friends could be….Imagine how carefree you could be!

As you can see, for over 20 years has gone far beyond simply amassing his own fortune.  Quietly, in the background, the Pro’s Pro has helped scores of others realize their life’s dreams as well.

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