GMB Verification Methods

Create hundreds of GMB listings instantly verified or email verified

STOP chasing people on Craiglist or Facebook to receive a verification postcard for you!!! 

Now you can do it yourself!

Not to mention the savings you make by not paying $50 per postcard received to these people!

With our instant or email verification method, you can create as many GMB listings as you want. Our methods don’t rely on constantly finding new people to send your postcards to. This is much, much easier and less headache-inducing because you don’t need anyone but yourself to do it. In fact, I just verified 30 gmbs the other day, BY HAND.

Realistically, you can do anywhere from 10 listings per day up to 50 (or more) listings, depending on how much time you want to invest in this or how many people you have working on it.

For example... with two VA's working on this 8 hrs per day you can easily do 50 listings in one day.

Once you purchase, we will make and personalise a series of training videos just for you, showing you the whole process.

Create GMBs (almost) anywhere in the world, all categories apart from Locksmith, use any phone number you want, use any address you want.

Both methods were tested and currently working in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany.

Only 8 spots available and the training will be watermarked with your name and email! We will also add other security measures in place for each training video, that we won't discuss here, and if you're caught sharing our training no update will be provided to you.

We do not want this all over the internet.

Q: How many verification methods do I get/purchase?
A: Two. You will get an instant verification method and an email verification method. 

Expenses: with our email verification method you've got just 1 one-time expense of around $100ish to make it work, that's it. The instant method doesn't require any upfront expenses.
Delivery method: video

Delivery will not happen instantly after payment as we watermark the training video(s) with the buyer's name and email.

LIMITED availability - we will ONLY sell 8 spots

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