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Included 4 workshop video DVDs in original case

Part 1: Let’s Start At The Open Bell – Opening Gap Rules

  • The Basic Psychology behind a Gap Opening. What it means and how you can profit!!
  • How rookie traders “telegraph” their moves making it easy for professionals to take their money.
  • What a gap does to the off floor trader and exactly what to do next.
  • Why there is always confusion at the open and exactly how to take advantage it.
  • Why you must act immediately when you see a gap opening if you want to profit, and why if you miss it you better take the rest of the morning off.
  • The reason a gap often signal a reversal of trend and how to capitalize on that fact.
  • The difference between the two types of gap openings. Extreme and Normal and why you trade them both in a totally different way.
  • The 5 Gap rules you must know in order to succeed. If you violate any of these you will be out of the market in a very short period of time.
  • Why you have to take advantage of the “elastic cord effect’ by loading up with a bigger position than you normally would.

If you want accurate daily instructions on what price to buy the market at and when what price to sell at then you have to learn how to…

Part 2: Use The Buy and Sell Envelopes– Your Key To Pinpointing Today’s Trading Range

  • Exactly what Buy and Sell Envelopes are and the correct and way to create and use them.
  • Discover ways to trade non-trending markets…which occur 80% of the time.
  • How to calculate the exact price to buy or sell your positions at.
  • How and why calculating today’s trading range can make you massive profits.
  • How to trade a breakout from a trading range, without being “whipsawed.”
  • How to Develop a “Buy” Number to know exactly what price to buy at…and conversely a “Sell” number to know exactly what price to sell at.

Now my favorite part. One of the most accurate ways to determine market direction is to use…

Part 3: The One And Four Day Percent Method– Your Personal Crystal Ball To Market Moves

  • What the General Rules behind this method is. And why if you follow them you will be richly rewarded and why violating them will cost you a boat load of money.
  • How to calculate a Daily Volume Percentage so you know exactly where to position yourself for the next big rally or decline.
  • Why volume as an indicator is just as important as price.
  • Why the 10 day “average” range is so vital to this method.
  • An easy formula which will pinpoint tomorrow’s price action today. Here’s a hint: When the 4 day average is 50% or Greater its a BUY DAY!! And When the 4 day average is below 50% its a SELL DAY!!
  • How Money Management plays a part in this trading method and the secret spot where you should be setting your Stop Orders.
  • How easily generate Specific and Profitable Entry points and Exit Points.
  • Define easily reachable “Profit Targets” so you can make sure you get paid every day.
  • The Exact Number of Shares or Contracts to trade for this method and when you should “load up” doubling or tripling your normal allocation for more profit.

And much more….

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