FuturesTrader71 - webinar series (4 webinars)

This package includes

Webinar 1: The Beginning

The basics of and my proprietary twist that brings this market auction approach to more simply and consistently be in the direction of the move. A comparison of MP and Volume Profiling is discussed as well as day types, opening types and the tools needed to do this

Webinar 2: Intermediate market Profiling

This video covers the implications of day types. Profile shapes and what they say, relationships of profiles across several days, volume nodes, a narration of a developing profile and the importance of composites

Webinar 3: Beyond the Technicals

This is a crucial video that looks at the most important aspect of trading…YOU! It details the differences between a trader who is consistent and unattached with a typical trader who is struggling to achieve consistency after many chat rooms, books, courses and approaches have been exhausted. If anything, this is the that will make the highest impact on your trading whether you follow our approach or use someone else’s. In the end, execution is the same

Webinar 4: Homework & Analysis

This video covers the process of establishing the plan for the next trading day. In this video, a detailed approach to the next day is shared with you in order to assess the “areas to do business” where the best opportunities or the most likely positive outcome can be determined

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