Poolside the QQQQ (Q’s) by (2nd Ed.)

Darlene will explain why trading the QQQQ’s is more powerful than any other index, as powerful as the e-mini’s, if not more powerful! She will then step you through understanding the fund and how simple it is to play, using here famous simple teaching format that thousands of students have raved about. Then she will show you how to play the QQQQ’s in many different ways, so you can pick the strategy on the Q’s that fits your trading personality and lifestyle.

Learn how to:

  • Swingtrade the QQQQ shares if you live a busy lifestyle
  • Play intra-day options for quick cash every day – see how Darlene and other students take thousands of dollars a day out of the QQQQ
  • Trade the QQQQ with options for mid-term plays for monthly spendable cash
  • Use covered and naked calls on the QQQQ with a safety net
  • Use countermoves that work on any trade, not just the QQQQ’s
  • Fall in love trading the downside on this fund. Darlene takes the fear out of playing the downside. She can make you feel completely comfortable pocketing profits from falling markets. Never again get upset when the market is falling! Instead you can shout for joy as your accounts grow larger!
  • Sell naked puts or do Bull Put Spreads and understand your margin requirements of both

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