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Chris Curran’s "Trading The Successfully For A Living" Trading Course

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Spend Over 15 Hours Learning To Trade Directly From Professional E-Mini Trader Chris Curran

And Let Him Teach You His Best Strategies!

  • Watch trade live (and profitably) over two consecutive days.
  • Participate in over 15 hours of in-depth and personal training directly from Chris.
  • Master Chris’ three core E-mini trading strategies as he drills you minute-by-minute—in real time.
  • Learn the special tactics Chris applies to trade successfully during orderly and chaotic markets.

A Personal Message From Chris Curran:

Dear Trader:

I would like to personally invite you to spend over 15 hours with me as I teach you how to apply the tools and strategies I have applied over the past decade and a half.

You will receive complete and personalized training in my new interactive E-mini training course on CD-ROM. Recently, I taught this course and traded live in front a small group of serious and dedicated traders via the Internet. Now, you can possess all of this knowledge and training in a convenient and easy-to-use format that you can learn from and review over and over again for the rest of your life.

Here is just some of the knowledge you will receive. These are strategies, tactics and tools that I have not previously taught in any training module or workshop until now:

  • How to achieve consistent results over consecutive days, weeks and months using my core strategy, the 3-Line Break Strategy.
  • How to set limits that increase the odds of ending the day profitably.
  • The best leading indicator for the S&P E-minis (hint: it’s on everybody’s computer, but hardly anybody knows about it).
  • How to accurately project the direction, momentum and trend of the next day’s early trading action using open interest and PREM/Program Levels.
  • Proprietary tick patterns I use to be fully positioned in the highest probability trades while staying out of low probability trades.
  • How to avoid losing money by anticipating every conceivable glitch or chaotic event and take proper and decisive action when they happen.
  • How to always see 3-Line Break trade entries clearly and avoid getting roped into bad trades by Level II’s smoke and mirrors.
  • My stop tightening strategy…one of the most critical components of my success.
  • How to convert “bad trades” into breakeven or even profitable trades.
  • How to use intraday TRIN to reliably measure the strength of the current trend.
  • How to earn your living trading the E-minis only 2 hours a day.

Watch Me Trade Live (and Profitably)

And perhaps most importantly, you’ll hear me explain the complete thought process that dictates when I enter trades, set my stops, lock in profits by moving stops, scaling out and exiting. I will explain (and beat this into your head) over and over again during the live trading you will witness. You will see how I ended two days of live trading net profitable. Through it all, you hear me explain my trades moment by moment as they occur, live.

Here Is What You Will Learn In My E-Mini Course

My course is divided into eight sections. Each is critical to your long-term success as a trader. The knowledge, strategies and tactics that I teach you during our 15 hours together are designed to help you master each of these critical areas and apply it immediately to your own trading.

  1. Basic Knowledge Everyone Needs To Know About The E-Minis
  2. A Detailed Plan For Successfully The For A Living

III. How To Eliminate Mistakes Caused By Fear And Greed By Automating Risk Control

  1. Three Ways To Determine Before The Open How The S&P Will Trade
  2. The Rules Of Each Of My Core Strategies
  3. Putting It All Together

VII. Two Full Days Of Live Trading

VIII. More Questions And Answers Plus Roundtable Discussion

Course Details

  1. Basic Knowledge Everyone Needs To Know About The E-Minis

We will cover the basics of E-minis including:

  • Contract size, symbols and how trading is conducted.
  • How leverage can work greatly to your advantage if used properly.
  • Key differences in price action between the E-minis and stocks.
  • The mechanics of order entry and who the key players are.
  1. A Detailed Plan For Successfully The For A Living
  • How to execute my strategies correctly and apply them for consistent results week-by-week and month-by-month.
  • How to achieve net gains over the course of many thousands of trades.
  • The best ways to fund your account, manage losses and determine the method and patterns you’ll trade
  • How to manage drawdowns, set monthly goals and continually improve yourself.
  • How to run a successful E-mini trading business from your home office (or anywhere with an Internet connection).
  • How to create a structured daily routine in which you simply go through the same process every single day and never deviate from it.
  • How to run your operation so that you can grow your account while at the same time pulling money out biweekly in order to pay living expenses.
  • My charting setup, including the indicators that are overlaid on my charts, the quote windows I monitor and types of news wires I pay attention to.

III. How To Eliminate Mistakes Caused By Fear And Greed By Automating Risk Control

  • How to remove stress and potential chaos from your trading day by automating the whole risk control process.
  • How to map out every single event that can happen in the course of every trade you make.
  • How to implement the most effective rules for responding to each of those events.

I will provide you with my own personal set of 17 What If Scenarios. By following the rules within these scenarios, you will able to automatically take the correct action regardless of how much chaos enters into any given trade you are in.

  1. Three Ways To Determine Before The Open How The S&P Will Trade
  • How to anticipate, before the open, what market action will be.
  • Three tools that enable you to quickly put together your trading plan in the few minutes before the market opens.
  • My formula for combining economic reports, open interest and the PREM/Program Levels in order to get the most accurate projection on the direction, momentum and trend of the day’s trading action.
  1. The Rules Of Each Of My Core Strategies

In this section you will learn my three best strategies:

  1. The Curran 3-Line Break Method – Basic and Advanced Techniques

First, you will learn my favorite strategy, the Curran 3-Line Break Method. I will break the method apart into steps and I will walk you through each of them, using numerous examples. This session is designed for both those who are learning this method for the first time and those who may already be familiar with it. I will not only cover the basics, but also go in-depth into advanced techniques that have not been revealed publicly before.

  • How to distinguish the difference between 3-Line Break pullbacks within a trend and major reversals.
  • How to position yourself in the direction of the market instead of getting trapped in wrong-way trades.
  • Subtle patterns in intraday TRIN that will enable you to not only trade the 3-Line Break in the right direction, but also allow you to optimally size your positions, depending on how strongly the market is trending.
  • How to get good entries even in fast-moving markets.
  • How to avoid exiting too early from strong, extended moves.
  1. My Best Strategies For The E-Mini Open
  • How trading E-mini opens is not only different from trading the opens in individual stocks, but is, in my opinion a better opportunity from a risk/reward standpoint.
  • Four strategies that are designed to take advantage of the unique action in the S&P E-minis.
  • How to let the gap size help you distinguish between a high probability trade and a trade to avoid.
  1. My Favorite E-Mini Trend-Following Strategy
  • How to use charts across multiple time frames and a simple set of moving averages to trigger your entries on a 1-minute chart.
  • How to combine conventional bar charts along with 3-line break charts to enter the most powerful trends. I use this strategy both in conventional charts as well as in the 3-line break method.
  1. Putting It All Together

In this section, I will take you through numerous real world trading situations. In these examples, you will learn:

  • How all of the planning, “What If” scenarios, market trend indicators, pre-opening analysis and trading strategies work together to make successful E-mini trades a normal routine.
  • How to evaluate and analyze patterns and gain valuable practice in making the right trading decisions.
  • How to apply my rules with each trade from entry to exit, bar-by-bar, so that you will fully master how to properly apply each of my strategies in your own trading.

VII. Two Full Days Of Live Trading

I have had the good fortune to have mentored a small number of traders. Each time they’ve watched me trade for the very first time, the “light bulb” seems to come on and they receive valuable insights they never would have gotten otherwise. That is my intention for you in my E-mini training course.

  • How to evaluate. I explain how to use pre-opening news, government economic reports and other relevant information to get a good idea of what the day’s trading action will be like.
  • How to properly analyze the price action and the indicators as I have taught you.
  • All of the “hows” and “whys” behind my actions as I enter real trades using real money.
  • How to use various order entry tactics to get the best possible fills.
  • How to master the most important aspect of my methodology, trade management.
  • How to use my advanced techniques to set properly moving stops, trail them and then exit.

VIII. Questions And Answers Plus Roundtable Discussion

In the final section of my workshop, I will take you deeper into my thought process as I answer questions from your trading peers who attended my live seminar.

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