's Workspace Bundle (TOS Indicators)

  1. The VWAP Max Tool - $397
  2. VScore Indicator - $197
  3. VScore Bands - $197
  4. VProfile Indicator - $197
  5. ST_Darvas Box - $297
  6. ST_Propulsion Indicator - $197
  7. GRaB & Wave Premium - $297

's Indicator Workspace Bundle

The VWAP Max Tool + VScore Indicator + VScore Bands +
VProfile Indicator + ST_Darvas Box + ST_Propulsion Indicator + GRaB Candles & 34 EMA

This is a one time only offer for Raghee's Full Indicator Workspace. As you see above, this is one of many setups you could’ve caught with these tried and tested tools.

Raghee has used her same base indicators over her 20+ years of trading and has continually tweaked and updated them to create her FULL Indicator Workspace Bundle that she uses daily to pinpoint gains such as this.

It’s designed to reveal high probability explosive setups in up or down markets.

Precise super accurate setups (including early signal detection)

 Trade anything (Options, Futures, ETF’s, Stocks)

Find super high probability intraday and swing setups

Use these tools on any timeframe

Eliminate noise and expose ‘inevitable’ trends

 Instantly spot price levels likely to spark big moves

The core of the VWAP Max indicator is the display of the volume weighted average price. The VWAP is designed to show at a glance the average price level of participants involved in the market selling. Heavier volume at certain price points drags the VWAP closer to that price whereas, light volume trading has far less “pull.”

Additionally, the VWAP Max indicator displays an envelope around the VWAP, which represents the theoretical maximum permissible deviation away from the VWAP. Available for ThinkorSwim.

The VScore Indicator is a non-lagging oscillator that alerts us to when the markets have gone too far out on a limb, where the big money flows will and won’t play. VScore shows where there is support and resistance that market doesn’t know is there, while allowing us to see submarket trends.

VScore is the most powerful secret weapon oscillator of big money flow. VScore simplifies the three levels the big guys watch and it works for intra day and end-of-day.

VScore Bands complement the VScore by projecting the VScore levels onto price. The VScore bands address a common question and request to be able to see where the VScore would plot on the price chart to clearly show where the support and resistance will be.

Like all the VWAP Max Trio tools, there are two versions: One for end of day and one for intraday. They are anchored in the same way as the VScore is, in other words, using the same date for the end of day VScore and the same time for intraday VScore.

Volume Profile can be complicated AND to add to that, the Wall Street Machine uses multiple levels of volume profile. The charts can look confusing and noisy.

However, the best and most powerful aspects of volume profile is the Point of Control, Value Area High, and Value Area Low…which are all easily identified with a single horizontal line each and is included in VProfile.

ST_Darvas Box is used for intraday and swing trading. When conditions are met, a box is formed around the corresponding price action.

ST_Propulsion Indicator is a simpler way to visualize trend strength and gives entry signals and stop levels based on their relationship to the current price.

GRaB & Wave Premium provides clarity into trends and momentum. This is Raghee’s secret weapon for being on the right side of the biggest trends of the year.

With Raghee's bundle you can stay in trades while others exit early and leave profits on the table

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