MarketTrader (March 2013)

"Millionaires don't use Astrology....Billionaires DO!" J. P. Morgan


Market Trader Millennium Series

By Alphee Lavoie and Sergey Tarassov AIR Software

"The Market Trader programs lead the industry in imagination, ingenuity, and creativity!" Bill Foster, Trader

If your Market Trading study involves any  Astronomical Planetary observations


You can conduct your studies in Tropical or Sidereal  Zodiac. You can calculate the following criteria using eight Planets and the Sun and the Moon plus five major Asteroid and Chiron. All of them can be calculated in Geocentric, Heliocentric, Right Ascension, Latitude and Spherical Angles. Search Planetary Positions, houses, rulers of planets, Aspects (even make your own), work with aspects in any Harmonic, planetary phases, applying or separating, Midpoints, Speed, Direction, Acceleration and station (retrograde and direct) of planets, position of any planets in geo, helio, Right Ascension,declination or latitude, Planetary Phases, Planetary Hours, Orbits (apogee, perigee etc), planetary nodes, Openings (opening in degree) between Planets, Speeds and Speed differences between a pair of planets (just like George Bayer's work), Patterns such as grand trines, grand squares, stelliums, etc., void of course Moon,  Eclipses (even occultation between planets) and so much more, all with ease and accuracy. You can even work with a specific, chosen day of the week.


Search for days when 15 or more different cycles are working at the same time.  These searches work with transiting planets or a natal horoscope (1st trade or corporation).  You can also calculate special predictive techniques such as Solar Arcs, Secondary, Tertiary and Minor Progressions...actually you can calculate 42 different predictive techniques.

ANSWERS AT YOUR FINGER TIPS! Do you want to find which companies from your first trade chart file will have Saturn square their Sun while Jupiter trines it this year? Do you want to know when the planet Venus is in perigee? Do you want to find a day when all of the following criteria are occurring: a full Moon, Jupiter is retrograde and the speed of Mercury is 59 minutes, or when it reaches maximum speed? Or days when the planet Venus is at 0 degrees of declination? See what happened to the Apple Computer stock when transiting Uranus made a hard aspect to its Moon and Mars was conjunct its ascendant. How much money would I make or lose if I buy 5 days before the exact aspect of Saturn trine the Sun and sell 10 days after? With which 1st trade chart am I most compatible? Does the Moon transiting though Sagittarius really cause a reversal in gold? Does the Lavoie Indicator of Mercury = Saturn/Uranus cause reversals?  Is it up or down?  How much money? All these answers are only seconds away with the Market Trader Millennium series!   Yes!  The SuperSearch will do all of this and much, much more. You can't buy another software program anywhere that will out-do the SuperSearch!

How much astrology do I need to know to use the program successful

If you are interested in knowing what astrological/astronomical phenomena moves certain markets, the Market Trader programs have all the tools to do all types of astrological/astronomical testing and research.

But, if your purpose is to trade using astrological/astronomical phenomena, you can use the program very successfully even though you know very little astrology. This is where our artificial intelligence module does the work for you.

What's in the Artificial Intelligence Modules?

We, AIR Software, are the first and only company to create an Astro trading program with artificial intelligence. All you need to utilize this amazing feature is past historical price data for any market and the MARKET TRADER PROGRAM will self educate using many different Astro-trading techniques and then project the findings into future.  There is no more need for you to sit for hours studying hundreds of criteria. The program will do that for you!

The theory behind all of our A. I. artificial intelligence modules is to use part of the historical price graph to backtrack and educate itself using multiple astronomy/astrology criteria. The computer will find the past performance of these criteria and give weights to each one according to their track record. It will keep going back and forth over the price graph, readjusting the weights for each criteria using special statistical techniques, NeuralNet and special mathematics. It will then use all of these weighted values that it has learned to predict future turning points.

You can test your results before projecting in the future

Mark part of the historical price graph to be used to calculate the adjusting weights.  Then mark a small portion at the end of the graph to test how well the A. I. is predicting the outcome.

ATLAS AND TIME CHANGES:  No need to search through latitudes and longitudes or for time changes.  The program comes with a atlas. Just enter the name of the town or city,   and the coordinates and time zone changes are input automatically.  No need to search through the latitudes and longitudes and search for time changes.   Just enter the name of the town or city and the coordinates and time zone changes are automatically input.

CALCULATIONS:  All of our calculations are within 2 seconds of arc which makes this program the most accurate one available on the market. You can calculate natal horoscopes, then save them to the file for later use.

HISTORICAL PRICE DATA:  All four versions of the Market Trader program work with ASCII format, CSI format and MetaStock format.

INDEXES: You can set the program to work with tops, bottoms, days when the price is up-and-down certain percentages or use any indexes such as detrend oscillator, filtered waves relative price oscillator, volatility, movable average, MACD, etc.

The Market Trader Software is used by Traders all over the world: In the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Switzerland, Philippines, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Czechoslovakia,  Mexico,  Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, India, Japan, Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey,  New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Caribbean islands and Russia and still growing!

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