Fibozachi – Indicators Package

We at Fibozachi have developed an arsenal of high precision, color-coded, user-friendly trading Indicators that are suitable for all types of traders and markets. All of our products are fractal, meaning they remain extremely accurate and robust across all trading vehicles (stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, futures and Forex) and interval periods of time, tick and volume.

Our trading Indicators are layered and multifaceted; meaning they incorporate multiple on multiple input settings and synthesize the collective data to create one ‘master’ Indicator

Synthetic layering ensures the presence of multiple confluence when a signal registers, both between and within multiple Indicators; we cannot underscore enough the importance of this concept

Multiple confluence-based leading indicators continuously calculate intra-bar data in real-time with very little noise and extremely low lag, accurately registering robust signals acrossall fractal interval periods of time, tick and volume.

Uniquely customizable, color-coded and user-friendly ways of plotting information takes chart analysis to the next level

From mathematical formulas to derivative ratios, the harmonic rhythm of the Fibonacci sequence is harnessed within the quantitative core of all Fibozachi products.

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