Bulls-Eye Broker 5 (Oct 2014)

For more than a decade, Bull’s-Eye Broker has been the leading Point and Figure charting software, with thousands of users. This means you can rest assured that you will be using software that thousands of other successful private and professional traders are using. There are numerous true benefits of using “Bull’s-Eye Broker 5” that will help you succeed in the markets. The target has always been to bring this advanced trading strategy to a level that would be quickly and easily understandable by the use of State-of-the-art software. Here is a list of some of the most important new benefits:

Real-time Point and Figure charting – “tick based” real time Point and Figure charts, like Point and Figure charts are supposed to be. This means you won’t miss any of the important price action. Or you can view minute data, hourly data, or any aggregate of minutes or hours, for example 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours etc. You will be able to view the forces of supply and demand in real-time, and immediately act before other traders even notice the price moves.

Point and Figure intraday trading– Gone are the days when you had to analyse charts “after the fact” and try to jump on the ”moving train”, i.e. try to chase the stocks that have already started their trends long ago. With the Real-Time trading capabilities of “Bull’s-Eye Broker 5” you will be able to act at the exact point when the major trends start. Traders that use EOD daily data receive the condensed data once per day, which usually means you get the entry or exit signals long after the stocks have broken out of trading ranges or congestions, or already fallen or crashed. Of course, for the traders that want to capture very long term moves this is perfectly fine, but short or medium term traders definitely need to be on top of things with true intraday capabilities. See this comparison of real-time Intraday charting vs. EOD charting.

Standard Technical Analysis – we have now included all the standard Technical Analysis charting capabilities into “Bull’s-Eye Broker”, to support the use of Point and Figure. You will now have access to Bar charts, candlestick charts and the standard indicators. You can finally get rid of your other Technical Analysis software and do everything you need in “Bull’s-Eye Broker 5”. That means another way of saving time and money. It also means that you can avoid the hassle of switching between different software applications.

Tabbed charts that are possible to re-organize on the screen in any way you can think of – this mean you can quickly switch between different charts. Or you can view several charts simultaneously. You can for example view a real-time Point and Figure chart and a bar chart simultaneously. Or you can view different stocks, Relative Strength charts, currency charts, news screen, web community, twitter etc.  – all in the same screen at the same time. You can release the tabbed charts and drag them to extended screens on your second monitor, and just as easily re-dock the chart. This really empowers you by having all the important information right at your fingertips. You will always see the big picture which definitely will make you more successful, and you will never miss anything important.

Crystal clear charts with stunning graphics – You will definitely not get any headache even after staring at the charts the entire day. Our charts do not strain your eyes. The active day traders will definitely enjoy sitting in front of their computers all day. Our beautiful charts are both pleasant and powerful.

Relative Strength charts – “RS charts” are an integral part of Point and Figure. By comparing the strength of stocks versus another stock, versus the market or sector you can rest assured that you are investing and trading in the best possible stocks.

Bullish Percent charts - Bullish Percent charts are also an integral part of Point and Figure. Bullish Percent charts basically show you if you should be bullish or bearish on the market. We provide pre-calculated Bullish Percent charts of the most important indexes. We provide these pre-calculated so that you don’t have to spend time on calculating the Bullish Percent. You will also be able to do your own bullish percent calculation on your own portfolios. (Under development)

Portfolios– We have developed a simple way of setting up various portfolios of stocks or any security. This lets you monitor and access your favourite stocks by pointing and clicking in a simple drop down list. It helps you save time and effort when you want to analyse a larger set of favourite stocks. You can have as many portfolios as you want, and each portfolio can contain as few or as many stocks as you want. You can easily import lists of stocks, and export your lists in order to share them between other users.

Wyckoff type traditional Point and Figure charts– There are countless traders and speculators who follow the Richard D. Wyckoff method of analysing securities. We offer both traditional Wyckoff type of point and figure charts, as well as the regular way of generating point and figure charts. With “Bull’s-Eye Broker” you can be sure that you follow the Wyckoff method like it is supposed to be. In addition to the true Wyckoff-type Point and Figure charts we also offer the Wyckoff counting tool that you can use to define the price objective, i.e.  know how far a stock might go – even before you enter the trade. This will definitely make you more successful in your Wyckoff Point and Figure analysis.

Automatic price objectives – we have developed a genius way of counting and calculating the price objectives. Imagine having knowledge of how far the stock is likely to go before even taking the trade. You can use the horizontal count or the vertical count. You can do partial counts, in order to measure and estimate the “cause and effect” as instructed by Richard D. Wyckoff, or you can count the entire trading range. You simply have more options and less trouble.

FREE stock data accessed directly in the software – Access FREE end of day stock data directly from within the software. There is no need to purchase expensive stock data from data vendors, and use external software to download stock data. This means that you don’t have to spend any money or time on getting stock data into the software. It is provided free of charge - without any hassle. Just enter the stock symbol and instantly pull up a chart. It works out of the box, and it just can’t get any easier or cheaper.

FREE real-time forex data - "Bull’s-Eye Broker 5" is also directly integrated with the new Metatrader 5, so you can receive free real-time Forex data, that your Metatrader 5 broker provides free of charge. Your Metatrader 5 broker might also provide free real-time stock data and other securities’ data as well. You can even open a free demo account to paper trade in real-time, in order to see how “Bull’s-Eye Broker 5” will make you real money and when you are ready you can open a live account and start making money. This is perfect for beginners, but experienced traders will of course also appreciate the real-time data integration with Metatrader. (Under development)

Leverage your eSignal data account with the World's best Real-Time Point and Figure charts. We integrate seamlessly with eSignal for streaming your data directly into Bull's-Eye Broker 5. Take advantage of the high-quality data in Real-Time or End of Day. We also offer seamless integration with Barchart.com, Interactive Brokers, Metatrader 5, Currenex.

Your broker / Your data source – If you have a specific broker or data feed that you want to have integrated directly into “Bull’s-Eye Broker” – just let us know and we will get to it – free of charge. We intend to develop the features that our customers need and request.

This list of benefits will grow and grow – we are not stopping the development of “Bull’s-Eye Broker”. We will keep developing it and releasing regular updates FREE of charge for all customers. The best of all is that you will be able to request features that you need in your trading. Whatever you need, we are ready to develop it. We will make the perfect software together.

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