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Seller Tradecraft - Private Label MBA

This is a MASSIVE opportunity, and it's only getting bigger by the minute. We will teach you:

How to find the RIGHT product opportunity to launch 
How to identify competitive niches and avoid them 
Product selection pitfalls to avoid, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes 
How to beat your competition by merchandising your products early on 
How to dominate your niche and maintain brand dominance on Amazon 
How to minimize your costs by negotiating better terms with your suppliers 
How to optimize your inventory planning process and minimize stockouts 
How to create a brand that resonates with customers across the globe  
How to create and optimize profitable pay-per-click campaigns to drive traffic and sales 
How to optimize your listings for launch to maximize results 
How to launch your products to the front page to drive organic sales 
How to drive reviews to your listing 
How to scale your business and maintain your listings in the face of heated competition 
How to develop a multi-million dollar business mindset


FBA Fundamentals & Glossary 
Learn and Understand Key Amazon Lingo and Terminology from the Get Go 
Understands the Ins and Outs of Key Financial Metrics to Help Understand Your Business Health from the Top Down 
Product Selection Strategy 
Learn our Proven 6 Commandments to Selecting the RIGHT Product to Private Label 
How to Identify Low Competition Niches to Maximize Your Probability of Success 
The Monopoly Method, and How We've Used it to Scale to over $10+ Million in Yearly Revenue 
Understand How We Incorporate the Trending Method into Our Selection Strategy 
BONUS - Access to Our Proven Product Evaluation Template 
Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Logistics 
Step by Step Walkthrough of How to Effectively Leverage Alibaba 
How Much Inventory to Order to Minimize Your Upfront Risk 
Learn to Communicate with Suppliers to Negotiate Pricing and Avoid Manufacturing Scams like a Pro! 
How to Utilize BOTH Air and Sea Shipments to INCREASE Your Margins! 
BONUS - Get Access to Our ACTUAL Freight Forwarder (Best Prices) 
BONUS - How to Plan Inventory to Avoid Stockouts

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