Sepharial – The Law of Values

Sepharial (1864-1929) had a life-long dislike of luck. He challenged himself to find what he called scientific rules that would eliminate chance. And, according to his own accounts, he succeeds.

In Law of Values, he suggests buying stocks immediately after they have been clobbered by Saturn, with the price as low as it will get, and then selling the stock immediately after being hit by Jupiter when the price is likely to be as high as it will ever go. And living off dividends between the two.

In The Silver Key, a book on horse racing examines, and discards, conventional numerology, colors, and symbols, in favor of a method based on the Moon, weights, and tides. His results are impressive.

The Arcana, or Stock and Share Key, was one of a number of secret financial manuscripts which sold by subscription only. Terse, clear, and to the point, gives exact instructions for stock traders, including how to use dispositors and decans. This is the first time it has appeared in print.

Astrologers looking to improve their techniques, as well as investors looking to improve their portfolios, will find these books of interest.

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