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The Leverage Space Model: Reconciling Portfolio options and Economic Theory Description

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“As Warren Buffett said, ‘It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.’ We now know that most have been. It’s too bad that did not finish his book in 2005 or 2006, it would have helped save institutional investors and our nation trillions of dollars; few people understand the rewards of leverage and its inherent risks like Ralph. As we found out, most hedge funds and banks use leverage without knowing how to quantify its risks or rewards. This book is a must-read for anyone using or being responsible for risk. Leverage is one of our greatest empowerments.” —Salomon Konig, member of the board of directors, Hedge Fund Association, Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Artemis Capital Partners, LLC

“Ralph Vince is almost alone in his study of trade sizing, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t right. Traders should read this book.” —Euan Sinclair, options trader and author of Volatility Trading

“As we’ve seen recently, the gross misuse of leverage has been a hard lesson for institutions. But position sizing is critical to the success of all traders, big and small, and brings fresh thinking to an area that badly needs it. He challenges the status quo and makes you think about what you’re doing. He attacks the major flaws of MPT. There is no doubt that you’ll benefit from Ralph’s ideas.” —Perry Kaufman, author of New Systems and Methods, Fourth Edition and A Short Course in Technical Trading

“If writes it, I read it…every word, every thought this guy has produced has led me to additional market profits. Money management is clearly the way to the kingdom of wealth in the investment world and Ralph gives you the keys in this book.” —Larry Williams, trader, fund manager, and author of Trade Stocks & Commodities with the Insiders: Secrets of the COT Report and Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

Table of Contents



  • PART I The Single-Component Case: Optimal f.
    • CHAPTER 1 The General History of Geometric Mean Maximization.
    • CHAPTER 2 The Ineluctable Coordinates.
    • CHAPTER 3 The Nature of the Curve.
  • PART II The Multiple Component Case: The Leverage Space Portfolio Model.
    • CHAPTER 4 Multiple, Simultaneous f— ”Leverage Space”.
    • CHAPTER 5 Risk Metrics in Leverage Space and Drawdown.
  • PART III The Leverage Space Praxis.
    • CHAPTER 6 A Framework to Satisfy Both Economic Theory and Portfolio Managers.
    • CHAPTER 7 Maximizing the Probability of Profit.



Author Information

Ralph Vince is a computer programmer who got his start in the trading business as a margin clerk and later worked as a consultant programmer to large futures traders and fund managers. He currently consults with businesses and trading operations around the world and speaks frequently in front of professional and academic groups globally. Vince has been critically acclaimed for his groundbreaking work in money management, particularly in the development of Optimal f. He is the author of numerous Wiley titles, including The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics, Portfolio Formulas, The Mathematics of Money Management, and The New Money Management.

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